Sunday, June 16, 2013

current objects of desire

I figured out how to make a semi-decent wishlist collage! I used Picasa and basically just clicked Create Collage, if anyone's interested. Anyway, these are my mostly unattainable objects of desire- the dress, the shoes, and the rosette are way out of my price range despite being gorgeous and perfect for my current aesthetic.

Lately I've been dressing more conservatively, which sounds kind of depressing but is actually...nice. It's like I'm settling down a bit and not trying to dress weirdly for the sake of it, I'm dressing how I want to feel. I think I've found the right balance between feeling like a Tavi imitator and feeling like I'm dressing for other people. So, instead of tank tops and jeans or three different dresses pinned together with tiny hat fascinators I'm wearing cat jumpers and shiny plastic skirts. Orange lipstick and blonde hair and wrestling t-shirts. Blue trousers, suspenders, and a Bruce Springsteen top. You get the idea. Not every day has to be a foray into experimental dressing and not every outfit has to invoke gasps and laughter and queries from street-style photographers. Clothing is clothing and yes, it's important, but it doesn't have to be so much work. That ends up taking the fun out of everything, because you feel obligated to look a certain way. Not everyone is Susie Bubble, you know? Give yourself a break.

Anyway, moving on from that insight into my psyche, tomorrow I will definitely/probably have an outfit post for you guys.

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