Sunday, January 20, 2013

like the air of december, i swear i remember it that way

I'm back (Back again. I am resolutely not writing the lyrics to that Eminem song.) with a second outfit post because I've been dressing way less boringly lately. I mean, I'm still not at the levels of weirdness I was before's a start. I've bought a shiny black calf-length skirt on ASOS, so that should help with that.

Jumper: stall in Shanghai - Skirt: Reiss - Hairbands: presents - Shoes: somewhere in Kaohsiung

The skirt I'm wearing in this photo is one of my favourites- I found it in this awesome shop in Sunderland for like, six pounds and it's gloriously textured and flappy. Same for the jumper- this whole outfit was basically put together because I really liked feeling all the flaps and soft, feathery things.

My shoes are super beaten up (I don't even wear them to school anymore because the sole's half come off and the inside is all warped now) but I still love them because they're my first ever pair of creepers.


Okay so.. life updates? I'm currently clawing my way through my IGCSE preparations and trying not to sob at the amount of work I have to do in Chemistry. My birthday's coming up too, on the 25th so.. expect pictures of Naomi and I eating Korean food and pies at our joint birthday thing (hers is on February 2nd). 




  1. Cute post~! I really like your photos~! Would you like to follow each other?

  2. Hi hannah i like ur name <3 u look cute in pics. follow each other?


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