Sunday, June 16, 2013

current objects of desire

I figured out how to make a semi-decent wishlist collage! I used Picasa and basically just clicked Create Collage, if anyone's interested. Anyway, these are my mostly unattainable objects of desire- the dress, the shoes, and the rosette are way out of my price range despite being gorgeous and perfect for my current aesthetic.

Lately I've been dressing more conservatively, which sounds kind of depressing but is actually...nice. It's like I'm settling down a bit and not trying to dress weirdly for the sake of it, I'm dressing how I want to feel. I think I've found the right balance between feeling like a Tavi imitator and feeling like I'm dressing for other people. So, instead of tank tops and jeans or three different dresses pinned together with tiny hat fascinators I'm wearing cat jumpers and shiny plastic skirts. Orange lipstick and blonde hair and wrestling t-shirts. Blue trousers, suspenders, and a Bruce Springsteen top. You get the idea. Not every day has to be a foray into experimental dressing and not every outfit has to invoke gasps and laughter and queries from street-style photographers. Clothing is clothing and yes, it's important, but it doesn't have to be so much work. That ends up taking the fun out of everything, because you feel obligated to look a certain way. Not everyone is Susie Bubble, you know? Give yourself a break.

Anyway, moving on from that insight into my psyche, tomorrow I will definitely/probably have an outfit post for you guys.

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chutes too narrow

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I've dyed my hair blonde and achieved a modicum of mental stability! Also I have Tourettes (not sure if I mentioned that in any previous posts).

Bad webcam picture, but you can find better ones on my instagram, @yonshimi, and also my tumblr, perky and depressing. There will be upcoming posts too, I promise- the end of IGCSEs means I have endless free time until school starts again in August! 


Oh god this is such a terrible blog I'm sorry

Saturday, March 30, 2013

spring wishlist


Fred Flare.


Spring is in the air. Actually in Beijing it isn't really, but whatever. Exams are coming up so I could use that as the scapegoat for the 2 month blogging hiatus but I can't really because I haven't been revising at all *slight moment of extreme panic*. 
ANYWAY. These are some things on the internet that I want but can't have right now because I spent all my money from chinese new year/in general on shopping online/in the UK/in general. 
I have expensive taste. Hence 'wishlist'. Emphasis on wish.

Links for the stuff:

Proper blogging soon, I swear, 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

like the air of december, i swear i remember it that way

I'm back (Back again. I am resolutely not writing the lyrics to that Eminem song.) with a second outfit post because I've been dressing way less boringly lately. I mean, I'm still not at the levels of weirdness I was before's a start. I've bought a shiny black calf-length skirt on ASOS, so that should help with that.

Jumper: stall in Shanghai - Skirt: Reiss - Hairbands: presents - Shoes: somewhere in Kaohsiung

The skirt I'm wearing in this photo is one of my favourites- I found it in this awesome shop in Sunderland for like, six pounds and it's gloriously textured and flappy. Same for the jumper- this whole outfit was basically put together because I really liked feeling all the flaps and soft, feathery things.

My shoes are super beaten up (I don't even wear them to school anymore because the sole's half come off and the inside is all warped now) but I still love them because they're my first ever pair of creepers.


Okay so.. life updates? I'm currently clawing my way through my IGCSE preparations and trying not to sob at the amount of work I have to do in Chemistry. My birthday's coming up too, on the 25th so.. expect pictures of Naomi and I eating Korean food and pies at our joint birthday thing (hers is on February 2nd). 



Saturday, January 12, 2013


Hi! It's been a while since I posted (life got in the way) but I have finally gotten round to it. 
This is just what I was wearing today- the skirt is the new pride and joy of my wardrobe because I got it super cheap at Selected and it's MARNI, YOU GUYS. They also had an Alexander McQueen dress for 500 kuai but since I'm broke I couldn't get it. Anyway, I'm in love with the print of the skirt (even my dad likes it) and it was only 300 something kuai so I'm still pretty happy about that shopping trip.

Shirt: H&M - Skirt: Marni - Collar: Taobao - Chain: Secondhand - Shoes: Rocket Dog 

This was a terrible post, I'm sorry! When I get back into the swing of things it will get better I PROMISE.  I have posts to write about fashion aspirations, ugly shoes, and a million other things so don't worry!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

au revoir 2012

This was what I wore for new year's eve, which was super low key for me. Family and a couple friends. Watched fireworks from my KL apartment. Boring outfit, but here you go anyway. It's hard to wear interesting things because Malaysia is extremely hot so most of the time I just wander around groggily in my pajamas.

Christmas presents. I don't know where the blue one's from and the others are from Diva.

Bracelets from my mother from Ale Hop.

I need to get a haircut.
Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - Vincci

Bonus photo of today's makeup with my new black lipstick and neon eyeshadow.