Thursday, August 23, 2012

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This is completely irrelevant (as the title suggests) but I'm super excited and basically want to shout it from the rooftops so LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY IGCSE EXAM RESULTS.

I already posted this on tumblr/instagram and danced around school shoving the results papers into everyone's faces and  shouting "SEE, I'M NOT DUMB." at random intervals, but I'm actually just really, really happy with my grades. I only sat two exams because I was taking them a year early- the top two maths classes do Maths early then Further Maths next year (kill me now) and my class all did Mandarin early too.

Anyway, it's super hard to see in this terrible webcam photo but those are my results papers and I got A* in Mandarin overall and for each of the tests, 99%! I think that's the highest percentage I've ever achieved in an exam. Except for English. Mandarin is legendarily easy though, so I wasn't that nervous about it, although there was a brief moment of panic when I convinced myself I'd probably gotten an A. FUN FACT: Naomi and I got the exact same scores for the exam!

BUT MY MATHS RESULT IS THE ONE I'M SO RELIEVED ABOUT. I'm pretty much bottom of my maths class because I'm just generally not good at that kind of thing and hate working hard, so I was convinced I'd fail and get a B or maybe an A. Also I made the dumbest mistake on the last question involving the quadratic equation. AND YET I GOT A*. WHICH IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. IT WAS UNPRECEDENTED. Plus I got the satisfaction of beating people in the year above who'd studied the material for two whole years and still achieved lower grades.

So yes, that concludes this unnecessary post!


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