Monday, August 6, 2012

la da da da da

I'm going to bury you in the ground

Hi! I'm in Shanghai right now with my family, visiting my dad. My parents aren't divorced, my dad just lives in Shanghai because of his work. I refuse to move to Shanghai because I'd have to do IB instead of A-levels.

Anyway, it's ridiculously hot and sunny right now, which might be good for people who tan/enjoy the summer/enjoy SWEAT WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE but I actually hate it. I miss English summers, where it rains constantly. I mean, the heat really limits what you can wear- I've gone from what my brother dubbed the 'nun on a holiday' look (I was actually flattered by that) to wearing a see-through shirt and a miniskirt. It's all good though, I actually love the see-through shirt, I just hate the circumstances that forced me to wear it. SUMMER IS EVIL.

I apologise for my ugly bra, all the other ones were in the wash. Also isn't this skirt the coolest? It was super cheap at this awesome secondhand shop in Sunderland and it doesn't fly everywhere in the wind, which is always a plus.

H&M shirt, Reiss skirt, shoes from

wearing urban decay 24/7 liquid liner in perversion, a tiny bit of occ lip tar in a mix of belladonna and stalker 
I look all sweaty and disheveled in these pictures, so they're pretty accurate portrayals of me during the summer. I mostly hide in air-conditioned flats watching Adventure Time and playing with makeup/admiring my slowly fading hair.




  1. Hahaha 'my parents aren't divorced'. AND NAWMG IB IS THE BEST.

    You look the bestest xx

    1. IB requires you to take MATHS, no way haha, and thanks!

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