Thursday, July 5, 2012

video post #1

I made a video outfit post! Where I ramble a lot! And move my hands around awkwardly!

Okay, so this video is genuinely terrible. In the middle I randomly say bye because I filmed two videos (in case I failed) and spliced them together awkwardly, then didn't realise I'd added in a random bit until way after I'd finished.
It took so long to do in the first place that I just left it there out of laziness. As a result, you should probably just skip 1:23 to 1:38.  You do get to see my infamously round face though, so that's a plus?

I'm also weirdly lisp-y and speak in a kind of vaguely Americanised British accent, which I blame on all my friends.

To save you actually watching the video if  you don't want to (I'm actually kind of embarrassed at its terribleness), there are some screenshots after the cut that show you my outfit/hair/everything you'd see in a regular non-video post!

Oh, and I bought the shoes at


P.S. The fact that I was out of breath at the start of the video was definitely due to my asthma and not my complete lack of physical fitness.

marc jacobs dress, taobao shoes

skeptical me


  1. hey, you mentioned me!! that's incredible!! and you pronounced my name right ;)
    btw, your new blog design looks really cool :)

  2. Perfect outfit! You are so awesome =)


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