Saturday, July 21, 2012

To bald or not to bald?

Recently ive been extremely tempted to shave my head, and in fact a hundred kuai rests on me chickening out and not doing it...a bet with Hannah predictably.

So i have compiled some pictures of cool ass girls with shaved heads for inspo, and encouragement, because i have some reservations which i am not proud of >people wont find me attractive and i will be forever alone and regret it and cry forever in my self imposed bald misery< and stuff like that. Total gross stuff. Anyway, here are the pics! None are mine, i dont know the sources sorry just got it off the one sue me...

Natalie Portman as whatever her name was in V for Vendetta. Kick ass movie.

A cool looking girl on tumblr? I'll try to be better with sources next time, soz.

Backpack power! Eyebrow power! Asian power! Basically everything in this photo is my goal.

Willow Smith. I have decided she is pretty cool.

Definitely tagging this #totalfillerpostimsorry but i swear an outift post is coming soon! I have taken pics and everything, just gotta upload them and add some semblance of coherent text to accompany them. A daunting task.


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