Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the jean chronicles, part II

I convinced my brother to take photos again! He got bored eventually and started turning it into a game where he leaped about madly and took 'action shots' to catch me unawares.
I am writing this when I really should be writing one of the many application essays for Simon's Rock. You can tell when I really care about something because it never gets finished/I procrastinate until it's almost too late. OBVIOUSLY I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE.

But I digress, this is not about my unhealthy perfectionism and hopeless dreams of attending a liberal arts university in the US- this is about photos of me taking a trip to the seaside with my family. Narcissism ftw!

I mean, 'trip to the seaside' is probably a bit misleading, seeing as my nana's house is five minutes walk from the beach, but the general idea still stands. Although, does nobody else call their grandmother 'nana'? People always laugh when I say it in front of them.

secondhand cardigan, uniqlo jeans, adidas t-shirt, taobao shoes, nikon bag

My family calls this the 'Monster's Inc.' cardigan. I love it but it sheds like crazy; I was walking around Marks & Spencers and I kept leaving clumps of green-blue mohair everywhere. The bag is actually the (super cute) camera bag off my new camera! It ran out of film after I took one picture of the sea. 

accurate representation of my face

my nana in the background there
I made a promise to myself to change into something other than jeans my first day back in Beijing.


P.S. half-purple hair tomorrow!

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