Sunday, July 22, 2012

she was a day tripper

Sunday driver, yeah.

Phew. This is my first proper outfit post in god knows how long, in fact here's the last one on the off chance that anyone wants to see it and mock both my past and present ways at once. I'm pretty sure it's that one, forgive me if I'm wrong.
Thanks to my dear friend Liz for taking the pictures. The venue is...well, the bathroom. In Italy! But you know, a bathroom.
On to the pictures! My hair is grossly in a ponytail with bits sticking out. I have no skills when it comes to hair anything, tbh. Also my legs are littered with tons of mosquito bites. Ah, countryside.

High low skirt! Which kind of looks weird without heels because I'm not modelesque or whatever, but it was
either these shoes or flip flops so...

Go-to photo pose. A result of spending way too long in China. Also, if you haven't already
guessed from the photo, I suck at putting on makeup and am now in fact looking up tutorials
on YOUTUBE (which works here WOO) in the vain hope of improving.

Um. My back? Yay sheerness.

Ignore my face. Also as you can see, the remnants of my green dip dyed hair.

Happy happy! I'm not that short, Liz was standing on a chair while taking the pics for reasons best known to herself.

Outfit details:
Floral bustier - Pull & Bear
Skirt - Yashow
White "Converse" - Yashow 
Necklace - Gift from my mother (she bought it in Delhi. In India.)

All my makeup is drugstore bought ^^

BTW, Yashow is a bargain market in Beijing. It has lots of fakes. Including my shoes. Shh.

I feel like I'm not writing enough. I can't think of any charming/cool/hilarious anecdotes to accompany this. I'm out of practice at the whole fashion blogging thing, sorry...Here have a photo of my suitcase.

Until next time!


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