Friday, July 20, 2012

raspberry jam doughnuts

So, my hair went from this:
randomly bleached blonde

to this:

dyed purple~! ish. also wearing Barry M liquid liner in electric blue. it's super easy to apply but you can't touch it or it smudges and dies.

I used this random bleach thing from a drugstore and Special Effects dye in (and I feel ridiculous even just typing this) Pimpin Purple. Why no apostrophe, Special Effects?

In any case, this was meant to be a dip-dye (because I told my parents the school would be okay with that. I feel like they were just humouring me though.) but it ended up being more like a..most-of-head-dye? Which I'm totally fine with. I just wish I could've done the rest of my head, considering the majority of it is purple right now.

me and my mother. she's very short.

accurate representations of my face #2

I'm also currently addicted to Lush; I just attended the launch party for Emotional Brilliance. The liquid eyeliner was kind of.. thick and I didn't particularly like it. The liquid lipsticks were nice, super moisturising and fairly pigmented. I might've bought one if not for money troubles. Cries into empty wallet.

But LUSH. Like, I've become one of those people who just stares longingly at websites because everything smells so good/is really pretty. The Yuzu & Cocoa bubbleroon is possibly the best thing I've ever smelled? Also all the honey-toffee scented things are amazing. Maybe I should start a Lush tumblr.


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