Saturday, July 14, 2012

coconut coconut coconut CRACK

I was having a look at the viewing statistic things for Style Hawkers, and I am weirdly elated at the fact that someone else in the world googled "what will happen in the tournament of champions after world scholars cup", and found this blog! But moreso at the fact that I am not alone in wondering what exactly will be happening.

Anyway, I'm in England staying at my grandmother's house, currently taking refuge in my bedroom because dear God my cousin Josh is loud. And he dribbles everywhere. And doesn't really talk in English, as far as I can tell. I don't know, I've never really liked kids or found their general...dumbness cute. Why is it funny that they can't eat properly? WHY.

But yeah, moving past my dislike of children, here's an outfit post (that isn't really an outfit post, but whatever)!
I'm really sorry that it's so boring but ENGLAND IS COLD. I packed summer dresses and cute little cardigans and sheer, floaty things. So far, I have not worn anything but jeans and a few t shirts that I packed for sleeping in/lazing around the house. I managed to buy a jumper and a long, forties-ish vintage skirt but, other than those, I'm pretty much stuck in jeans and my brother's Star Wars for Adidas top.

Oh, but first a comparison of my hair freshly dyed and my hair..yesterday.

H&M top, random cardigan thing that isn't technically mine

i would be wearing makeup but england hates me and I keep having allergic reactions

I dislike my hairdresser. I really, really do. I've ordered some Special Effects purple dye so I'll probably just bleach the ends and re-dye it though.

vintage blazer, nirvana t-shirt, uniqlo jeans, shoes
The blazer is from this shop called Corner 93 in Sunderland, and I love it. I've never actually bought a  blazer before but it was ten pounds and I figured there's a first time for everything! I kind of had this image in my  head of blazers being essentially just stiff, shoulder-padded jumpers but it's actually super comfortable and has nice buttons.

This has been an outfit post. I'M SO SORRY.


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