Monday, July 30, 2012

emotional brilliance

This post is completely unrelated to the new LUSH makeup line, I just like the name! It goes perfectly with the whole self confidence thing I have going on right now. It's actually really awesome to not be so insecure anymore, and I'm thinking about starting a project to do with that..which sounds kind of arrogant, I guess, but I mostly just think it sucks that we're all bombarded with messages to hate ourselves. So I want to create media that doesn't do that.

Anyway, today I woke up at like, 7am, which is practically unheard of for me (go jetlag!) and decided I didn't feel like going to look at new bathtubs with my mum so I stayed home and watched Adventure Time and took photos in the rain. Run-on sentences ftw. But yeah, disregarding my slowly slipping command of the English language, here's an outfit post! It's raining and relatively cold for a Beijing summer, so I finally got to wear more than one layer and not drown in my own sweat.

nerdy goth vibes

old cat t-shirt with cut off sleeves, vintage burberry skirt, zara coat, rocket dog shoes, old scarf
urban decay 24/7 liquid eyeliner in sabbath, occ lip tar in belladonna, my giant face
I've been getting into makeup lately, actually. I feel like it makes how I look into a whole image rather than just clothes, which relates to my last post. For today, I basically just felt like dressing in all black and not looking fun and...flippy. It's all kind of long and dark and heavy, which I like right now. I don't feel like being approachable and pretty.


(more photos after the break)

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  1. What did you line your lips with? And would you say this shade would suit someone of a wheatish complexion, warmer than yours?


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