Saturday, June 30, 2012


This post was originally titled 'bangkok!', but then more exciting news came along.

So, from the 21st to the 23rd of June, I went to Bangkok to participate in the Global Round of the World Scholar's Cup. The top teams from the Global Round were going to be invited to attend like a... Super Scholar's Cup thing called the Tournament of Champions at Yale University in September. We obviously wanted to attend that.

After a few setbacks (namely being placed into the senior division without warning and also just a complete lack of preparation), my team won zero awards, lost every debate - though I maintain we should have won the last two- and were generally considered failures. 
I had a mini breakdown involving lots of tortured rhetorical questions (WHAT IS THE POINT OF IT ALL IF I CAN'T EVEN WIN A MEDAL FOR WRITING) and then basically just resumed normal life, abandoning all hope of attending the Tournament of Champions.

But guys.

We've been invited to attend the Tournament of Champions at Yale University on September 29th-30th.


*dances madly*

So if anyone wants to recommend any good places to shop/eat (me and Erin eat a lot and there's usually a bit of free time at WSC events because neither of us are ever selected for the Debate Showcase) around..Yale, I guess, comment! Or message me on Tumblr or something. 

Oh god this is so cool, I've never been to America before.

Anyway, here are some photos of the Global Round in Bangkok! That are totally irrelevant!

(after the cut because they're not particularly interesting and I don't want to spam this blog with travel photos)


all the Harrow teams! we're a small school.

on the plane (Erin is the one who..isn't me)

Oscar, Larry, Lisa, Erin, Me

me and Erin at the opening ceremony

Scholar's Ball!

the family

this awesome cinema where you got blankets, free popcorn/coke and reclining seats

alpaca smuggling (the black bags)

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