Thursday, May 31, 2012

a comet appears

I was going to wear this to a friend's birthday thing, but my mum took one look and said no so I ended up just wearing different tights.

shoes from Taobao, tights from a random shop in Taiwan, skirt sort-of-borrowed from friend, top from H&M
I have actually forgotten how to blog, so bear with me.
I quite like this skirt, except it's not technically mine? I did that thing where you borrow something from a friend, but they never ask for it back and you forget all about it and three months pass and by then it's basically yours...right? Ignore my lack of conscience.

I don't know, I'm still getting back into fashion after my weird disillusionment with all of this.

This has been a blog post.


P.S. The Shins are awesome, and so is Mass Effect 2.

And i wrote two hundred letters

I wont ever send.
Brief mostly fashion-related updates from NY.
Outfit post coming soon!
Awesome yellow spiky crazy flats that my mom didnt let me buy.
Midtown comics, in which i spent a...substantial, let us say, amount of money, and Hannah I was gonna buy a police box shirt for you but then I...forgot. Sorry.
MY MOTEL CO-ORDS THAT ARRIVED FROM ASOS (thats the back, note the awesome crop top everything cutouts blah sorry havent fashion blogged in ages)
Awesomely cheap velvet jc lita lookalikes that I DID buy (dream shoe goals fufilled). Even though they are kind of small and restrict the flow of oxygen to my feet after a while. Like majorly.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

we're back (well, me)

I confess, I don't know how long this is going to last but.. I've decided to start fashion blogging again. I have decided to try and define myself and be comfortable being me and ignore other people's snide comments and I GUESS COUNSELLING IS WORKING FOR ME. Awkward silence.

So, updates on my life and what's been happening since my last post in the form of gratuitous pictures of myself.

my hair grew, my face got rounder and my skin got worse. ah, to be a teenager.

 I became one of those people that other people ask, "So what's your natural hair colour?"
I also became one of those people that reply, "Eh, probably kind of like this *gestures at roots* I can't really remember."

I drew this after being called a fat, sadistic bitch, among other things, by a guy at my school. People seemed to like it on tumblr!

I spent a lot of time studying in coffee shops/McDonalds.

I mean, if I really tried I could probably come up with a series of plausible excuses for abandoning this blog/fashion in general but it was mostly just laziness. With a side of teenage angst.

There will be an outfit post in less than a week.