Monday, August 29, 2011

looming over us all

So, summer is almost over.
As a rule, I kind of hate summer as a season. Tanning? What is this tanning you speak of? I just freckle.
Throughout my life, summer's one redeeming feature has been summer holidays.

I wrote that the day before the summer holidays ended and never finished the post because I was busy preparing for school- by which I mean lazing around the house the whole day conveniently forgetting to pack a pencil case, sort out my uniform or consider the ramifications of going to school with green hair (I was made to dye it back anyway; if you follow my tumblr you knew that. But you probably don't follow my tumblr.).

Just to elaborate on one point, the inability to tan thing is completely true, not an exaggeration at all. I was  in this netball tournament and I was like, okay, I'll get tanned shoulders and arms from being in the sun all the time! Awesome! Alas, my shoulders are still (hideously, according to my mother, who frequently laments the fact that I don't have pristine, porcelain skin anymore) mottled and freckled from those two days playing netball.
It's a tan of sorts, I guess.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with fashion!
I just felt like I was abandoning the blog and should probably post. Currently, I'm exhausted. I swear my body was not made to wake up at 6am every day (though it's more like 7 when I finally drag myself out of my room).
photo to illustrate my dark circles and general air of tiredness

Monday, August 15, 2011

what do work permits have to do with dyeing my hair?

this accurately shows the colour of my hair
It sucks, right? It's morphed into a vaguely greenish brown reminiscent of dying moss and my parents won't let me dye it until they have their work permit sorted out (where is the logic there?) which is in September. I have to go to school with this hair. I feel like those last three sentences should have a whitegirlproblems tag.

this photo looks completely different to all the others, I know. It's all awesome and blue.

I'm not actually sad in these photos, that's just my face. My mum frequently grabs my cheeks and says, "Hannah, you have a crying face! Your lips turn down!". I also should explain that my (insert the name of that bit between the lip and the nose) is too short for my face, or something - as determined by my dentist- and so my natural, completely relaxed facial expression is kind of pouty. But that's irrelevant, right, because you guys want to know all about my achingly trendy shirt as skirt thing!

I have no idea how all those other people did it, I just kind of slipped into the shirt and knotted it around my waist; it looks completely different to all the other pictures of shirt-as-skirt outfits I've seen but that's okay because my top is awesome. I got it for something like 50 kuai at a tiny little shop and it's incredibly warm and soft (I know it's summer but it was raining the day I took these photos) so in winter I don't even need to wear a coat with it (provided it isn't snowing, raining, sleeting, hailing or incredibly windy). I honestly don't know why it took me so long to include it in an outfit post.

gifts from Taiwan
I wore those two hairbands at once because...well, they didn't cover enough of my head alone. That's really all I have to say about that.

Outfit details:
- top from tiny shop with no name
- pink Tommy Hilfiger shirt
- scarf was a present from a stall in Wangjing Hualien
- hair bands were presents from Taiwan
- shoes from TK Maxx

also, I found two awesome DIYs to attempt sometime in the future- cosmic shoes and pikachu nails


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I dance, again

I don't like this outfit that much, to be honest. It seemed like a good idea but isn't it a bit boring? Or is it interesting? Or is it only interesting because of the colour of the dress? I just don't know. Too many questions for my exhausted mind. Seriously, ALGEBRAIC FRACTIONS ARE KILLING ME. I keep working each one out on paper, very methodically- I even check the answers!- yet as soon as I click "Mark it", is like, "Screw you, Hannah, it's all wrong. ALL WRONG."
And then I die inside and write bad, super angsty poetry about parental pressure and schools.

off to go lease a new car. not me, my parents.
remember last time I danced? of course you don't.

add caption. I have nothing to write.
this looks posed, but it wasn't. I swear.
headscarf dislodged slightly
my brother! also known as, the one responsible for the two pictures of me dancing that are now loose on the internet

uh. shoes? I feel the need to caption everything if I caption one otherwise it looks weird.
-hot pink New Look dress (I know. They've changed since whenever this dress was bought.)
-random floral unknown brand shirt, knotted
-sheer black bow print tights from River Island
-shoes from (linked so you can go peruse the awesomeness)
-ribbons, purple one is a strip from a cloak that my brother wore for Roman day at school, the orange one is from a school trip- they tied it on our wrists.
-Scarf from mother's scarf box.


Friday, August 5, 2011

they didn't photoshop me (this time)

I think. I mean, it was never confirmed, but I know what my own legs look like and they do not look like that.

Roberto Cavalli top, hole-y scarf from market in Shanghai, black skirt from ballet classes when I was 11, socks borrowed from my brother, shoes from shoes0, Monsoon bag, random ribbons tied onto shoes.
Straight after this, another woman came up and asked to take my photo for a magazine but because I'm a complete idiot I forgot to ask for the name of it. Therefore, as I'm evidently a sane and rational person, I set aside some money to buy a few Chinese magazines next week so I can pore over every page obsessively looking for a streetstyle feature. Seriously though, it still blows my mind that anyone would think I was cool enough to warrant a picture. I mean, look at me. I look like a goth garden gnome.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

this is vaguely related to the other post

is really good.
It's basically what I was trying to say about fashion blogging, only much, much more eloquently.

Monday, August 1, 2011

strawberry dreams and custard creams

(titles usually have little, if any, relation to posts. this title is just something I pulled out of the air. Or the biscuit tin. HAHA. bad joke.)
This is an inspiration post mainly comprised of photos from The Ardorous (I think they're all Petra Collins' work but I'm hesitant to make any assumptions because I tend to credit things wrongly) that I happened upon when looking for room decoration inspiration. Oh, that will make no sense without any context- I recently moved to another room in my family's house; it's smaller but with awesome high ceilings and a much more cozy feel. It's also kind of bland right now. That will soon be remedied, as long as I don't succumb to another bout of laziness and indifference which I am very prone to do. Take my old room- two years ago I asked my mother if I could paint the walls. They still haven't been painted.

Anyway,  the photos! You know how you get certain feelings from photos? These make me think of the very end of summer, old friends and being in a new city for the first time- a weird, nostalgic kind of sadness. Things lost, I guess, time slipping through your fingers and that first feeling of wonder that can never be replicated.
I feel super pretentious right now but that's okay. To continue with the theme of talking annoyingly about photos when you really just want to stare at them for a while, I'm captioning all of them. ALL OF THEM.

this reminds me of going to stay with a relative and looking out the window for the first time at the city, the windowsill cluttered with things that aren't yours. I always feel kind of out of place, like my presence is jarring.

end of summertime

old friends 

new cities

memories of when it was sunny and everyone was lazing about
Now I'm going to have a look at teenagebedroom, because it is a really cool tumblr so anyone who hasn't checked it out definitely should!