Sunday, July 31, 2011

an imaginative title escapes me

Okay, I wrote a huge essay-long post on fashion bloggers and popularity and things but I realised I kept contradicting myself and when I went back and re-read it I felt like during the time I was writing it I had completely changed my mind.
Am I making sense? I feel like I'm not even writing in English. Nothing makes sense when I re-read it anymore.

Okay, this is just a quick summary of the thoughts that led me to write that really long post that I've since deleted. 

Thoughts about sites like Lookbook, Chictopia, etc
  • Why is it that you only ever see conventionally attractive people on, say, the most hyped page of Does not fitting society's standards of beauty mean you can't have great personal style?
  • Which then made me think, do people judge personal style photos based on physical attractiveness? 
  • Is that fair? 
Thoughts about general things
  • Have popular fashion bloggers ceased to be relatable because of their access to expensive clothes? (This is not an attack or anything- I mean, if my favourite designer sent me some clothes, there is no way in hell I would refuse them).
And there were more but I'm really tired and I just want to stare at cdg dresses and lolita shoes for a little while, then maybe take a bubble bath.


P.S I just looked at the homepage of Chictopia and to see if they had disproved my statements (I always make grand, sweeping statements then go and find that they've been disproved) and nope, it's all -seriously, ALL- thin, conventionally attractive, (mostly) white people. I'm not trying to say that their outfits have no merit but seriously, does nobody see the pattern?

ways to dress interestingly

I'm stuck in a clothing rut.
For the past few days, I've been wearing stretchy exercise trousers and (admittedly pretty cool) Uniqlo t-shirts.
IT HAS TO STOP. I hereby order myself to take an outfit photo every day for a week and then put them all on the blog in one monster post. Feel free to scream at me if I don't.
Also, I'll post proper pictures of my new dresses (photos of which can be seen on my tumblr) and musings on fashion bloggers. And maybe my article about rape that was rejected by my school magazine, as was my article about abortion.
I've got a good feeling about this, guys.


Monday, July 25, 2011

and maybe it was the nicotine racing through my bloodstream but I felt light

I went grocery shopping with my mum and brother today, and made the mistake of letting him use my camera because he was bored.
What follows is a series of highly disturbing 'paparazzi' pictures.

I was momentarily heartbroken when I couldn't find any bacon.

The woman in the blue skirt is my mother, guys. 

I realise how odd this looks.

I guess on some level it kind of works as an outfit post? But not really.
-Top from Uniqlo collaborating with Theatre Products
-Skirt from American Apparel
-Tights from River Island
-Shoes from this place

On another note, due to a recent influx of money, I bought two awesome dresses which will soon be photographed. Also, I'm supposed to post something to the Fashion Click every two months so let's just pretend this is an outfit post and keep quiet.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

new leaves and things

This blog is turning over a new leaf! Yes, I haven't informed Naomi of this but it was a spur of the moment decision and I have decided that from now on, I'll update at least once a week. Because it got kind of sad watching Style Hawkers gather dust while my tumblr was updated every day.

Okay, the second I wrote that it started raining; I'm thinking that's a good sign. I don't actually have any outfit posts or words of wisdom to impart, so I'll just end the post with a vaguely narcissistic webcam picture of myself in McDonalds. I think I mentioned that I dyed my hair.