Saturday, May 28, 2011

I hate sunshine.

A photo taken by someone else for once!

H&M lace shirt, Giordano yellowish greenish tank top, Taobao collar, H&M skirt, leggings, Steve Madden shoes

collar on collar. *rebel*
To be honest, this collar was a bit of a nuisance. Every time a gust of wind blew past (which was often-this is Beijing we're talking about) it flew straight up into my face, making it look like I had.. I don't know, yellow triangles growing from my cheeks.
But that won't stop me from wearing it, of course. When has practicality ever really been considered in my outfits? And that's mainly why I hate sunshine; it turns my outfits into pretty, flexible...sweatboxes that I claw at incessantly throughout the day. It's not a pretty sight. Plus, I get incredibly stressed out if the temperature gets past a certain point. Think me, twitching and moaning periodically, punctuated with the occasional shriek.

Shhh. I'm so lame.

As I said in a previous post, the V sign has become my default photo pose and it scares me because I started doing it to make fun of people who used the V sign as their default photo pose! *world crumbles to dust*
And in case you're wondering about the weird angle of the above photo, I'm not that short. I was kneeling down trying to take a photo of Daniel when he grabbed the camera from my (very, very small) hands and told me to pose. Also, the sun was in my eyes, which is why I look like I'm in pain.

I have another outfit post coming up, I'm writing this a few days after these photos were taken.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

flashbacks to kaohsiung

Most of you probably know that this is a mahjong piece. I got it for 10 kuai at FengGuo Box (which, incidentally is a very cool shop. Go there!) and at first I wasn't sure why I bought it. There were other rings to choose from, there was even a Mario-style mushroom necklace. Something about the mahjong rings just made me want to buy them. I picked one at random and went to pay, and as I slipped it on my finger I felt slightly homesick.
In essence, I bought it because I like rings, I own barely any jewellery and my grandma plays mahjong with her neighbourhood friends in Taiwan and I occasionally miss Taiwan.
Yay. Now you know my fascinating justifications for buying things.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

sorry for being a terrible blog neglecter

I got caught up in the shiny new world of tumblr and voguemate and forgot all about this poor little blog.
To ease your evidently unbearable pain, I'm doing one of those 'people who have really great style that I stalk so I'm going to post about them' posts combined with all my favourite places to shop/window shop.

GuRa (the two halves link to two different places)

Go to her shop. Revel in the glory of the bows. And the dismembered Barbie heads.