Monday, August 15, 2011

what do work permits have to do with dyeing my hair?

this accurately shows the colour of my hair
It sucks, right? It's morphed into a vaguely greenish brown reminiscent of dying moss and my parents won't let me dye it until they have their work permit sorted out (where is the logic there?) which is in September. I have to go to school with this hair. I feel like those last three sentences should have a whitegirlproblems tag.

this photo looks completely different to all the others, I know. It's all awesome and blue.

I'm not actually sad in these photos, that's just my face. My mum frequently grabs my cheeks and says, "Hannah, you have a crying face! Your lips turn down!". I also should explain that my (insert the name of that bit between the lip and the nose) is too short for my face, or something - as determined by my dentist- and so my natural, completely relaxed facial expression is kind of pouty. But that's irrelevant, right, because you guys want to know all about my achingly trendy shirt as skirt thing!

I have no idea how all those other people did it, I just kind of slipped into the shirt and knotted it around my waist; it looks completely different to all the other pictures of shirt-as-skirt outfits I've seen but that's okay because my top is awesome. I got it for something like 50 kuai at a tiny little shop and it's incredibly warm and soft (I know it's summer but it was raining the day I took these photos) so in winter I don't even need to wear a coat with it (provided it isn't snowing, raining, sleeting, hailing or incredibly windy). I honestly don't know why it took me so long to include it in an outfit post.

gifts from Taiwan
I wore those two hairbands at once because...well, they didn't cover enough of my head alone. That's really all I have to say about that.

Outfit details:
- top from tiny shop with no name
- pink Tommy Hilfiger shirt
- scarf was a present from a stall in Wangjing Hualien
- hair bands were presents from Taiwan
- shoes from TK Maxx

also, I found two awesome DIYs to attempt sometime in the future- cosmic shoes and pikachu nails


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