Friday, August 5, 2011

they didn't photoshop me (this time)

I think. I mean, it was never confirmed, but I know what my own legs look like and they do not look like that.

Roberto Cavalli top, hole-y scarf from market in Shanghai, black skirt from ballet classes when I was 11, socks borrowed from my brother, shoes from shoes0, Monsoon bag, random ribbons tied onto shoes.
Straight after this, another woman came up and asked to take my photo for a magazine but because I'm a complete idiot I forgot to ask for the name of it. Therefore, as I'm evidently a sane and rational person, I set aside some money to buy a few Chinese magazines next week so I can pore over every page obsessively looking for a streetstyle feature. Seriously though, it still blows my mind that anyone would think I was cool enough to warrant a picture. I mean, look at me. I look like a goth garden gnome.



  1. "goth garden gnome"
    *rofl* - i really love to read your blog :)



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