Monday, August 1, 2011

strawberry dreams and custard creams

(titles usually have little, if any, relation to posts. this title is just something I pulled out of the air. Or the biscuit tin. HAHA. bad joke.)
This is an inspiration post mainly comprised of photos from The Ardorous (I think they're all Petra Collins' work but I'm hesitant to make any assumptions because I tend to credit things wrongly) that I happened upon when looking for room decoration inspiration. Oh, that will make no sense without any context- I recently moved to another room in my family's house; it's smaller but with awesome high ceilings and a much more cozy feel. It's also kind of bland right now. That will soon be remedied, as long as I don't succumb to another bout of laziness and indifference which I am very prone to do. Take my old room- two years ago I asked my mother if I could paint the walls. They still haven't been painted.

Anyway,  the photos! You know how you get certain feelings from photos? These make me think of the very end of summer, old friends and being in a new city for the first time- a weird, nostalgic kind of sadness. Things lost, I guess, time slipping through your fingers and that first feeling of wonder that can never be replicated.
I feel super pretentious right now but that's okay. To continue with the theme of talking annoyingly about photos when you really just want to stare at them for a while, I'm captioning all of them. ALL OF THEM.

this reminds me of going to stay with a relative and looking out the window for the first time at the city, the windowsill cluttered with things that aren't yours. I always feel kind of out of place, like my presence is jarring.

end of summertime

old friends 

new cities

memories of when it was sunny and everyone was lazing about
Now I'm going to have a look at teenagebedroom, because it is a really cool tumblr so anyone who hasn't checked it out definitely should!


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