Monday, August 29, 2011

looming over us all

So, summer is almost over.
As a rule, I kind of hate summer as a season. Tanning? What is this tanning you speak of? I just freckle.
Throughout my life, summer's one redeeming feature has been summer holidays.

I wrote that the day before the summer holidays ended and never finished the post because I was busy preparing for school- by which I mean lazing around the house the whole day conveniently forgetting to pack a pencil case, sort out my uniform or consider the ramifications of going to school with green hair (I was made to dye it back anyway; if you follow my tumblr you knew that. But you probably don't follow my tumblr.).

Just to elaborate on one point, the inability to tan thing is completely true, not an exaggeration at all. I was  in this netball tournament and I was like, okay, I'll get tanned shoulders and arms from being in the sun all the time! Awesome! Alas, my shoulders are still (hideously, according to my mother, who frequently laments the fact that I don't have pristine, porcelain skin anymore) mottled and freckled from those two days playing netball.
It's a tan of sorts, I guess.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with fashion!
I just felt like I was abandoning the blog and should probably post. Currently, I'm exhausted. I swear my body was not made to wake up at 6am every day (though it's more like 7 when I finally drag myself out of my room).
photo to illustrate my dark circles and general air of tiredness

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  1. i seem to be lucky here in germany :D
    school starts on september 12th...


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