Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I dance, again

I don't like this outfit that much, to be honest. It seemed like a good idea but isn't it a bit boring? Or is it interesting? Or is it only interesting because of the colour of the dress? I just don't know. Too many questions for my exhausted mind. Seriously, ALGEBRAIC FRACTIONS ARE KILLING ME. I keep working each one out on paper, very methodically- I even check the answers!- yet as soon as I click "Mark it", mymaths.co.uk is like, "Screw you, Hannah, it's all wrong. ALL WRONG."
And then I die inside and write bad, super angsty poetry about parental pressure and schools.

off to go lease a new car. not me, my parents.
remember last time I danced? of course you don't.

add caption. I have nothing to write.
this looks posed, but it wasn't. I swear.
headscarf dislodged slightly
my brother! also known as, the one responsible for the two pictures of me dancing that are now loose on the internet

uh. shoes? I feel the need to caption everything if I caption one otherwise it looks weird.
-hot pink New Look dress (I know. They've changed since whenever this dress was bought.)
-random floral unknown brand shirt, knotted
-sheer black bow print tights from River Island
-shoes from shoes0.taobao.com (linked so you can go peruse the awesomeness)
-ribbons, purple one is a strip from a cloak that my brother wore for Roman day at school, the orange one is from a school trip- they tied it on our wrists.
-Scarf from mother's scarf box.


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