Monday, July 25, 2011

and maybe it was the nicotine racing through my bloodstream but I felt light

I went grocery shopping with my mum and brother today, and made the mistake of letting him use my camera because he was bored.
What follows is a series of highly disturbing 'paparazzi' pictures.

I was momentarily heartbroken when I couldn't find any bacon.

The woman in the blue skirt is my mother, guys. 

I realise how odd this looks.

I guess on some level it kind of works as an outfit post? But not really.
-Top from Uniqlo collaborating with Theatre Products
-Skirt from American Apparel
-Tights from River Island
-Shoes from this place

On another note, due to a recent influx of money, I bought two awesome dresses which will soon be photographed. Also, I'm supposed to post something to the Fashion Click every two months so let's just pretend this is an outfit post and keep quiet.


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