Wednesday, June 15, 2011

we ended up watching Kung Fu Panda 2 and eating way too much sushi

So, the promised dress shopping post.
We didn't buy any dresses. Erin did buy two tops, but I didn't get pictures and by then I was in a food-induced dreamlike state so they wouldn't have been good pictures anyway. Instead, I'd like to introduce my Scholar's Cup teammates/fellow sufferers and provide all of this blog's dedicated readers with an insight into the day of a typical teenage girl.Well. Forget that last part.

Eat me. EAT ME.
These photos came out in a really weird order, and I don't possess the technical skill to rearrange them so I'll just talk about them as they come. This is an egg. A really tiny egg. It's raw. I thought it was adorable, Erin thought it was creepy. And yes, we smashed it onto the plate and mixed it with soy sauce and wasabi to create a disgusting puddle of murky liquid. We're teenagers! Rebels.

This sculpture was actually quite terrifying up close. Yang and Erin! Yang is a maths and science genius.

This is Erin, I've known her since Year 7, and no, I had no idea of her deep and abiding love for Johnny Depp. She stayed like this for quite a while, just savouring the feel of his cardboard arms cutting into her.

Nurenjie was surprisingly good, it had lots of shops and some really interesting clothes but I'm super picky when shopping and that, combined with the fact that I'm perenially broke, makes me very hard to shop with.

I need to pack for Scholar's Cup; we leave tomorrow!


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