Wednesday, June 8, 2011

things I've been doing while not posting- aka, a study in narcissism

I cut my hair!

I made a poster!

Slut power! (I don't normally use this many exclamation marks)

I wore a really old wig!

I picked cherries! And pretended they were my eyes!

I studied! And studied! And debated!

I read!

I received zines and flyers from GrrrlVIRUS!
My last post was really badly written. My excuse is that I got three hours of sleep last night (cramps. such is life.) and was then subjected to a day of 'revision' and exams. So please know that my quality of writing is not that bad, or at least not as bad as it seems.
Also, go to my tumblr. I update it way more often because it's unblocked in China. You know this blog has received a grand total of SIX views since the start of 2011. No, really. SIX.


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  1. hey,
    your statistics must be wrong - I (and I think many others, too) check your blog regularly ;)
    and I have to admit, I really enjoy reading stuff about a girl living on the other side of the earth!



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