Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know that this is supposed to be a fashion blog

But I have a life beyond fashion too!
And it is awesome, as evidenced by these photos.
A few posts ago, I talked about the World Scholar's Cup and on Friday, my team went to the Global round!
Since my school is pretty small, we only entered two teams into the tournament. The other team didn't place in anything but my team (in a miracle of biblical proportions) managed to.
Team results:
-7th place Scholar's Bowl
-13th place overall Junior team
My individual results:
-10th place debate
-9th place Scholar's Challenge
-7th place overall Junior individual
Out of 300+ people, I think that's pretty good! 
And now my head hurts, so no more writing. Just enjoy the stunning photographic skills of Oscar, Erin and I.

This is Oscar. He was in the other team. He fell asleep during one of the speeches and no amount of slapping would wake him.

The room where the Junior division did Persuasive Writing!

Our hostel room.

Mawar Hostels

'The Expression of a Water Drop'




Bye now.
I'm such a failed blogger.


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