Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I finally used my mini hat in an outfit.

Granted, it's not on my head. I kind of like it like this though.
These photos are actually from like, a week ago and I started this post then promptly forgot all about it (Blame the hassle of the proxy).
Before this outfit, I'd felt stuck in a rut of boring clothes and uninspiring-ness and it was slowly killing me so on the day I took these photos, I took drastic measures. I started off with my mother's polka dot skirt then just put other things on top till it looked vaguely odd. Oh, and then I had the idea to clip my favourite bow and my mini hat onto it. Intellectually stimulating, as always.

And I have cherry trees in my garden! I spent like, two hours up on a ladder picking them and screaming intermittently because of bugs. I scream really easily (this one time, I was standing in the music room with one of my friends and this girl opened the door. I screamed.).

Wudaokou rose pattern dress, skirt I borrowed from Naomi on the HK trip and forgot to give back, my mother's La Chappelle polka dot skirt, Artbox bow, market stall mini hat, Danish clogs, H&M sunglasses

NOTE: These glasses have since broken. Never take anything nice to a netball tournament, guys. You'll just walk back to the tent after a game to find some sexist prick wearing your giant floppy hat and spilling coke on it, and a rugby player wearing your glasses.


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