Thursday, June 30, 2011

diced mangoes, come to me. i love you even though you make my mouth swell up

For a while, I've been obsessively listening to spoken word poetry and this is one of my favourites; it's really beautiful.
And well, this wouldn't be a real post unless it contained some narcissism on my part so here goes:
I wrote a spoken word poem. And then I filmed myself 'performing' (believe me, quotation marks are needed) it. In my bedroom.
I would post it, for your undoubtedly eager eyes, but both Blogger and Tumblr hate me and won't let me post videos. I once waited two hours for a video to upload to Tumblr, then as soon as it reached 100%, the page reset itself.

Shake the dust,


because he's jeff, and there's no known cure

Sitting on my sofa watching Coupling and slacking off, as usual. I like multitasking, especially when doing homework. That way, I don't fall asleep.
I've realised that, failed blogger that I am, I hadn't posted some outfit photos I took a while back with one of my new collars. Lately, these blog posts have been terrible and today will be no exception because I'M TIRED. I fell asleep on the sofa despite the promise of a giant bag of freshly cut mangoes. That's how tired I am.

Some soup I made. It tasted better than it looked, though evidently that wasn't hard.

mirror shot!

And with that, I'll say goodbye.
Enjoy my dancing!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I know that this is supposed to be a fashion blog

But I have a life beyond fashion too!
And it is awesome, as evidenced by these photos.
A few posts ago, I talked about the World Scholar's Cup and on Friday, my team went to the Global round!
Since my school is pretty small, we only entered two teams into the tournament. The other team didn't place in anything but my team (in a miracle of biblical proportions) managed to.
Team results:
-7th place Scholar's Bowl
-13th place overall Junior team
My individual results:
-10th place debate
-9th place Scholar's Challenge
-7th place overall Junior individual
Out of 300+ people, I think that's pretty good! 
And now my head hurts, so no more writing. Just enjoy the stunning photographic skills of Oscar, Erin and I.

This is Oscar. He was in the other team. He fell asleep during one of the speeches and no amount of slapping would wake him.

The room where the Junior division did Persuasive Writing!

Our hostel room.

Mawar Hostels

'The Expression of a Water Drop'




Bye now.
I'm such a failed blogger.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

we ended up watching Kung Fu Panda 2 and eating way too much sushi

So, the promised dress shopping post.
We didn't buy any dresses. Erin did buy two tops, but I didn't get pictures and by then I was in a food-induced dreamlike state so they wouldn't have been good pictures anyway. Instead, I'd like to introduce my Scholar's Cup teammates/fellow sufferers and provide all of this blog's dedicated readers with an insight into the day of a typical teenage girl.Well. Forget that last part.

Eat me. EAT ME.
These photos came out in a really weird order, and I don't possess the technical skill to rearrange them so I'll just talk about them as they come. This is an egg. A really tiny egg. It's raw. I thought it was adorable, Erin thought it was creepy. And yes, we smashed it onto the plate and mixed it with soy sauce and wasabi to create a disgusting puddle of murky liquid. We're teenagers! Rebels.

This sculpture was actually quite terrifying up close. Yang and Erin! Yang is a maths and science genius.

This is Erin, I've known her since Year 7, and no, I had no idea of her deep and abiding love for Johnny Depp. She stayed like this for quite a while, just savouring the feel of his cardboard arms cutting into her.

Nurenjie was surprisingly good, it had lots of shops and some really interesting clothes but I'm super picky when shopping and that, combined with the fact that I'm perenially broke, makes me very hard to shop with.

I need to pack for Scholar's Cup; we leave tomorrow!


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hi guys! This is basically just a filler post with a bad webcam photo to let you all know that I still exist and am in fact going to put up a real outfit post soon...involving pink wigs and whatnot.

This is a special message to Hannah and all those other inexplicable good weather/beach haters:

YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE ~ i have no idea who did this song originally. AH JIMMIE DAVIS, 1940.
AINT NO SUNSHINE  - bill withers
HOLIDAYS IN THE SUN - sex pistols
SUN KING - beatles
WHO LOVES THE SUN - the velvet underground

okay. PHEW. ive exhausted my meager 'sun' song knowledge. comment if i've missed any out! The beatles are sunny fellas.



Yes, the rumors are true, I am in Taiwan and blogger is unblocked. But I'm on the iPad so no pictures! Also we have one less follower, someone deleted us, gonna go cry now. Hey Hannah if you look on the email there is a failed post I tried to email post entitled I love sunshine so go post it!
Anyway yeah. My tumblr doesnt exist anymore, don't click on the link.
Pictures coming soon! Hopefully!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm thinking of using this as the header for the blog?


P.S Going dress shopping tomorrow for the Scholar's Ball, expect pictures
P.P.S Naomi's in Taiwan and I therefore expect her to post! Gnomes if you're reading this, check your Renren and also I will kill you if you don't post.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

things I've been doing while not posting- aka, a study in narcissism

I cut my hair!

I made a poster!

Slut power! (I don't normally use this many exclamation marks)

I wore a really old wig!

I picked cherries! And pretended they were my eyes!

I studied! And studied! And debated!

I read!

I received zines and flyers from GrrrlVIRUS!
My last post was really badly written. My excuse is that I got three hours of sleep last night (cramps. such is life.) and was then subjected to a day of 'revision' and exams. So please know that my quality of writing is not that bad, or at least not as bad as it seems.
Also, go to my tumblr. I update it way more often because it's unblocked in China. You know this blog has received a grand total of SIX views since the start of 2011. No, really. SIX.


I finally used my mini hat in an outfit.

Granted, it's not on my head. I kind of like it like this though.
These photos are actually from like, a week ago and I started this post then promptly forgot all about it (Blame the hassle of the proxy).
Before this outfit, I'd felt stuck in a rut of boring clothes and uninspiring-ness and it was slowly killing me so on the day I took these photos, I took drastic measures. I started off with my mother's polka dot skirt then just put other things on top till it looked vaguely odd. Oh, and then I had the idea to clip my favourite bow and my mini hat onto it. Intellectually stimulating, as always.

And I have cherry trees in my garden! I spent like, two hours up on a ladder picking them and screaming intermittently because of bugs. I scream really easily (this one time, I was standing in the music room with one of my friends and this girl opened the door. I screamed.).

Wudaokou rose pattern dress, skirt I borrowed from Naomi on the HK trip and forgot to give back, my mother's La Chappelle polka dot skirt, Artbox bow, market stall mini hat, Danish clogs, H&M sunglasses

NOTE: These glasses have since broken. Never take anything nice to a netball tournament, guys. You'll just walk back to the tent after a game to find some sexist prick wearing your giant floppy hat and spilling coke on it, and a rugby player wearing your glasses.