Saturday, May 28, 2011

I hate sunshine.

A photo taken by someone else for once!

H&M lace shirt, Giordano yellowish greenish tank top, Taobao collar, H&M skirt, leggings, Steve Madden shoes

collar on collar. *rebel*
To be honest, this collar was a bit of a nuisance. Every time a gust of wind blew past (which was often-this is Beijing we're talking about) it flew straight up into my face, making it look like I had.. I don't know, yellow triangles growing from my cheeks.
But that won't stop me from wearing it, of course. When has practicality ever really been considered in my outfits? And that's mainly why I hate sunshine; it turns my outfits into pretty, flexible...sweatboxes that I claw at incessantly throughout the day. It's not a pretty sight. Plus, I get incredibly stressed out if the temperature gets past a certain point. Think me, twitching and moaning periodically, punctuated with the occasional shriek.

Shhh. I'm so lame.

As I said in a previous post, the V sign has become my default photo pose and it scares me because I started doing it to make fun of people who used the V sign as their default photo pose! *world crumbles to dust*
And in case you're wondering about the weird angle of the above photo, I'm not that short. I was kneeling down trying to take a photo of Daniel when he grabbed the camera from my (very, very small) hands and told me to pose. Also, the sun was in my eyes, which is why I look like I'm in pain.

I have another outfit post coming up, I'm writing this a few days after these photos were taken.


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  1. how can you hate sunshine?!?
    here in germany it is raining - i hope summer comes back soon...



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