Thursday, April 28, 2011

posters and flyers and stickers on lockers

This isn't my favourite outfit ever but it was really just an excuse to take more photos of my shoes because I love them dearly, even though they're PVC and I have no idea how to rub off the scuff marks. Every person recommends acetone but.. wouldn't that damage the PVC plastic-ness? 

The thing with these shoes is, now that I have them I want more. I want giant platform heels, lolita shoes, rocking horse shoes, those Pierre Hardy for GAP ones, creepers, custom made leopard print horsehair shoes, bubble flip flops, TUK heels and... I have a feeling I sound like a typical ungrateful teenager person.
It's just that, compared to these shoes, the rest of my (admittedly meagre) shoe collection fades into the background. It feels inadequate and unformed. And Scorpio, for the second time, why didn't you carry women's creepers?! Desperately trying to get a men's size seven to fit me broke my heart.

I took this photo a few days ago, and the change in weather is astounding. I go from sweating in the sun to shivering in the rain in a day. And Beijing never rains! Isn't it supposed to be a desert?
And just while we're on that topic, I love rain. I love it so much. It's refreshing and beautiful and even though it's probably extraordinarily polluted I still go outside every time it rains and run around like a little kid seeing their first snow. That was the main reason I liked living in Singapore (apart from my apartment's proximity to a Japanese supermarket and a Japanese bookstore (KINOKUNIYA I MISS YOU), the amazing food and the abundance of ice cream shops.). Oh. Parentheses inside parentheses.

I have to concentrate very hard on walking down the stairs.


the socks I'm wearing here are my favourite socks. I have them in like, five different colour combinations and I wore them to PE class a few times before stopping for fear of our terrifying PE teacher screaming at me for not wearing white socks. My school has this weird obsession with  wearing the right colour socks.

genuine hello kitty stuff is insanely expensive but I love it anyway

It's almost midnight and I have sports day *woe betide me* tomorrow so..



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