Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Handbag from Paris with lurrrveee.
the latest Vogue, and also a cool magnifying class I found in an antique shop. It was underneath this wooden fish that you could open up, and when I tried to open it up, the shop lady snatched it from me and said I wasn't allowed to look inside...I later discovered this was because it was, in fact...a porn fish. Now you know they exist, if you didn't already.

Trying to hold out the giant pearl earring for all to see.

Giant baubles earring! The other one broke down and died.

me looking not unusually apprehensive.

Close up of chain necklace.

Close up of embroidered shoes.
Hello! This is my second post in less than a week, that's gotta be a world record for me.
-Plaid strapless dress (which I've worn before), thrifted
-blue button shirt (the picture of me in the corner, it's all shadowy anyway), zoo market
-black racerback tank, yashow
-embroidered handbag, a present from a french person, paris
-giant red head adornment, random malaysian stall
-embroidered shoes, random chinese embroidery shop
-earring from H&M
-gold chain necklace from Robinsons

The pink and white costume jewelry was from one of my mom's friends who always gives me really awesome stuff like pins and jewelry and books on genetic engineering and...stuff.
I paid out of my own small pocket for the Vogue! I actually got it on the way out of the Beijing airport for a ridiculous amount of money, but it was worth it. Rihanna = style goddess.

Some epic DVDs, like the original True Grit (John Wayne! Woo!) and the Graduate in HD. I almost bought Blu-Ray special edition Back To The Future and also the entire collection of Alfred Hitchcock Presents...you know, the TV things he did? But alas, I had like, one kuai to spare.
I'm gonna go and look on taobao and steal the shoes Hannah wants!


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