Wednesday, April 13, 2011

is there anyone in the entire world that reads this blog that is doing the scholar's cup?

See my green eyelashes? It doesn't show up particularly well in this light.

So, I know posting has been sporadic. Naomi's stuck in some remote Chinese village so she has an excuse, for a change, and I've been...studying. And playing Sims 2 until the wee hours of the morning, but that's not important. We're sorry! And here is one of my outfits from aeons ago, to make up for it.

They were very cheap. 20 kuai. Or..hmm. 3 dollars? 2 pounds?
The glasses arrived in the morning just before school, so naturally I put them in my bag and forgot about them till the next day, when I tried them on in the girls' bathrooms with Erin. Her reaction?  "Wow."
This could be interpreted two ways, but she had the same reaction when I showed up for Mufti day last week in a calf length flared black skirt, black tank top, short sleeved cardigan with bows clipped onto it and oxford heels. And she didn't like that outfit. It provoked strong reactions, ranging from a muttered "What the fuck." every time I walked past this guy, to a girl I'd never spoken to before saying I looked nice. Thank god my school requires uniform or the apparent hilarity of my outfits would lose it's sparkle with daily viewing.

I was rooting around in my mum's closet (I borrow most of my clothes from various family members, then just leave them in my wardrobe till they notice they're gone) and found this old dress. The top half was fairly unremarkable but I really liked the bottom; it was all...shreddy. That's not a word. Floaty. Scrappy. You get the idea. I put that on, layered two other tops over it and added a blue scarf as a belt. I also put on green mascara, a bow hairslide and glasses because I never really accessorise (beyond bows and fascinators and the ever-present bracelet) and I felt like I should. And I just like wearing boots with skirts.

On the Hong Kong trip (remember that? Terrible authors.) we went to Ocean Park and had fake tattoos done. Two weeks, he said. It faded on the first day. False hope! But anyway, I got 42 because it's the answer to the ultimate question in the Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I love that series of books to death, and I even love the movie though it changes SO MUCH. At least it stayed true to the general spirit, you know? Unlike Never Let Me Go, ugh, all that promise was wasted; they replaced actual character development with moody close-ups of pretty things. Ruined.

Also my hair is losing it's redness but my mum won't let me dye it because it will 'damage my hair'. Which is completely true but I still felt the need to put it in quotation marks because my hair is like, a beacon of health. *cough*

I've suddenly discovered Say Anything and now I have an urge to write a love song with awesome lines like, "You're like Bjork with better fashion sense," because obviously that is ridiculous; Bjork has crazy, amazing, inspiring fashion sense. On a more serious note, "She took pity on me horizontally, but most likely because of my band." is hilarious. I listened to that song when I was younger and didn't realise what it meant until I sang along to it in front of my ever-helpful parents, who then told me and corrupted me forever.

Can ya see the three layers? Black with goldy stuff, green knit,
and the uppermost layer which isn't that hard to spot, really.
Uh. I'm taking Spanish GCSE. I should really know how to say goodbye in Spanish.

*mutters something resembling adieu*


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