Monday, April 18, 2011

if i die and go to hell real soon, it will appear to me as this room

My shoes arrived! Remember?
I should review them. That's what bloggers do. Right.
Literally the day after they dispatched them, they arrived and they were well packaged, with that awful squeaky polystyrene sheet material surrounding them. Oh, I'm boring myself. If anyone wants to know more about all that, just email the blog, though I doubt anyone will seeing as...well, why would they? I don't even care, let alone our (apart from Jana! You're awesome! Isn't it sad that I can actually name all our readers?) non-existent readership.
Picture time.

I was wearing this, and my pajamas. Be thankful I didn't take a quick mirror shot of my outfit.
I've since attached two ribbons (orange and purple- the purple one is, um, homemade. As in I cut a strip of purple fabric from some random sheath of the stuff in my closet) to the laces at the top and I may do more but I don't want to try anything permanent in case I wreck them. And since they're stuck together with glue and my wild and fevered hopes, I'm going to treat them with caution.

Adios! (HA.)


P.S I like Say Anything. I hope the rest of their discography is funny and catchy and compulsively listenable (I have a feeling listenable isn't a word. Then again, Blogger doesn't think Blogger or blog are words either.).

P.P.S These shoes were paid for, albeit reluctantly, by my mother. She promised me a present if I had good exam results (I BEAT MY RIVAL. TWO YEARS RUNNING. YES.) so.. this is to thank her and acknowledge that she bought them for me and to say that she is awesome and surprisingly tolerant of my fashion taste. Apart from the occasional "Oh god, what are you wearing? You're not going out in that are you?" Cue sighs and 'aii ya's.

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