Saturday, April 16, 2011

all these mainstream teen emotions that i still can't place, none of us are busy so why don't we go back to your place?

spastic facial expression.

spastic facial expression.

it is very, very, hard to pull off such glasses.

hannah's birthday present to meeeee...

close up of the skirt i'm wearing! note: BOWSSSSSS.
hello. this is naomi here. i have not posted in...a long time...but it's okay because i'm here now! and i will try to post more, i know you're all salivating after my prose.
anyway, this is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago that i am finally posting now. and i just came back from huangshan (literally translated as yellow mountain) which is ... a mountain. yes. anyway.
i don't really have anything to say, sorry. i can't ramble on for ages and ages, hannah-style. but here, for your general enjoyment, is a...okay. yeah. i'm dry.
a picture is worth a thousand words, don't bother reading this.


ALMOST FORGOT. outfit details.
-glasses, gift from a friend
-white sweater, Cotton On
-black tank top, Old Navy
-blue skirt, Yashow
-high heeled clogs, Nine West.


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