Thursday, April 28, 2011

posters and flyers and stickers on lockers

This isn't my favourite outfit ever but it was really just an excuse to take more photos of my shoes because I love them dearly, even though they're PVC and I have no idea how to rub off the scuff marks. Every person recommends acetone but.. wouldn't that damage the PVC plastic-ness? 

The thing with these shoes is, now that I have them I want more. I want giant platform heels, lolita shoes, rocking horse shoes, those Pierre Hardy for GAP ones, creepers, custom made leopard print horsehair shoes, bubble flip flops, TUK heels and... I have a feeling I sound like a typical ungrateful teenager person.
It's just that, compared to these shoes, the rest of my (admittedly meagre) shoe collection fades into the background. It feels inadequate and unformed. And Scorpio, for the second time, why didn't you carry women's creepers?! Desperately trying to get a men's size seven to fit me broke my heart.

I took this photo a few days ago, and the change in weather is astounding. I go from sweating in the sun to shivering in the rain in a day. And Beijing never rains! Isn't it supposed to be a desert?
And just while we're on that topic, I love rain. I love it so much. It's refreshing and beautiful and even though it's probably extraordinarily polluted I still go outside every time it rains and run around like a little kid seeing their first snow. That was the main reason I liked living in Singapore (apart from my apartment's proximity to a Japanese supermarket and a Japanese bookstore (KINOKUNIYA I MISS YOU), the amazing food and the abundance of ice cream shops.). Oh. Parentheses inside parentheses.

I have to concentrate very hard on walking down the stairs.


the socks I'm wearing here are my favourite socks. I have them in like, five different colour combinations and I wore them to PE class a few times before stopping for fear of our terrifying PE teacher screaming at me for not wearing white socks. My school has this weird obsession with  wearing the right colour socks.

genuine hello kitty stuff is insanely expensive but I love it anyway

It's almost midnight and I have sports day *woe betide me* tomorrow so..



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In fifteen days, my feet will dance too.

In response to Hannah's post about getting those giant chunky shoes from taobao, I'm telling you all that I too have ordered gigantic chunky shoes from taobao! Observe:

That's right, I, Naomi Stylehawker, have succumbed to the creeper. Checkered, no less.
Fifteen days, mark my words.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

planes , trains , automobiles

Handbag from Paris with lurrrveee.
the latest Vogue, and also a cool magnifying class I found in an antique shop. It was underneath this wooden fish that you could open up, and when I tried to open it up, the shop lady snatched it from me and said I wasn't allowed to look inside...I later discovered this was because it was, in fact...a porn fish. Now you know they exist, if you didn't already.

Trying to hold out the giant pearl earring for all to see.

Giant baubles earring! The other one broke down and died.

me looking not unusually apprehensive.

Close up of chain necklace.

Close up of embroidered shoes.
Hello! This is my second post in less than a week, that's gotta be a world record for me.
-Plaid strapless dress (which I've worn before), thrifted
-blue button shirt (the picture of me in the corner, it's all shadowy anyway), zoo market
-black racerback tank, yashow
-embroidered handbag, a present from a french person, paris
-giant red head adornment, random malaysian stall
-embroidered shoes, random chinese embroidery shop
-earring from H&M
-gold chain necklace from Robinsons

The pink and white costume jewelry was from one of my mom's friends who always gives me really awesome stuff like pins and jewelry and books on genetic engineering and...stuff.
I paid out of my own small pocket for the Vogue! I actually got it on the way out of the Beijing airport for a ridiculous amount of money, but it was worth it. Rihanna = style goddess.

Some epic DVDs, like the original True Grit (John Wayne! Woo!) and the Graduate in HD. I almost bought Blu-Ray special edition Back To The Future and also the entire collection of Alfred Hitchcock know, the TV things he did? But alas, I had like, one kuai to spare.
I'm gonna go and look on taobao and steal the shoes Hannah wants!


Monday, April 18, 2011

if i die and go to hell real soon, it will appear to me as this room

My shoes arrived! Remember?
I should review them. That's what bloggers do. Right.
Literally the day after they dispatched them, they arrived and they were well packaged, with that awful squeaky polystyrene sheet material surrounding them. Oh, I'm boring myself. If anyone wants to know more about all that, just email the blog, though I doubt anyone will seeing as...well, why would they? I don't even care, let alone our (apart from Jana! You're awesome! Isn't it sad that I can actually name all our readers?) non-existent readership.
Picture time.

I was wearing this, and my pajamas. Be thankful I didn't take a quick mirror shot of my outfit.
I've since attached two ribbons (orange and purple- the purple one is, um, homemade. As in I cut a strip of purple fabric from some random sheath of the stuff in my closet) to the laces at the top and I may do more but I don't want to try anything permanent in case I wreck them. And since they're stuck together with glue and my wild and fevered hopes, I'm going to treat them with caution.

Adios! (HA.)


P.S I like Say Anything. I hope the rest of their discography is funny and catchy and compulsively listenable (I have a feeling listenable isn't a word. Then again, Blogger doesn't think Blogger or blog are words either.).

P.P.S These shoes were paid for, albeit reluctantly, by my mother. She promised me a present if I had good exam results (I BEAT MY RIVAL. TWO YEARS RUNNING. YES.) so.. this is to thank her and acknowledge that she bought them for me and to say that she is awesome and surprisingly tolerant of my fashion taste. Apart from the occasional "Oh god, what are you wearing? You're not going out in that are you?" Cue sighs and 'aii ya's.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

all these mainstream teen emotions that i still can't place, none of us are busy so why don't we go back to your place?

spastic facial expression.

spastic facial expression.

it is very, very, hard to pull off such glasses.

hannah's birthday present to meeeee...

close up of the skirt i'm wearing! note: BOWSSSSSS.
hello. this is naomi here. i have not posted in...a long time...but it's okay because i'm here now! and i will try to post more, i know you're all salivating after my prose.
anyway, this is an outfit from a couple of weeks ago that i am finally posting now. and i just came back from huangshan (literally translated as yellow mountain) which is ... a mountain. yes. anyway.
i don't really have anything to say, sorry. i can't ramble on for ages and ages, hannah-style. but here, for your general enjoyment, is a...okay. yeah. i'm dry.
a picture is worth a thousand words, don't bother reading this.


ALMOST FORGOT. outfit details.
-glasses, gift from a friend
-white sweater, Cotton On
-black tank top, Old Navy
-blue skirt, Yashow
-high heeled clogs, Nine West.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

is there anyone in the entire world that reads this blog that is doing the scholar's cup?

See my green eyelashes? It doesn't show up particularly well in this light.

So, I know posting has been sporadic. Naomi's stuck in some remote Chinese village so she has an excuse, for a change, and I've been...studying. And playing Sims 2 until the wee hours of the morning, but that's not important. We're sorry! And here is one of my outfits from aeons ago, to make up for it.

They were very cheap. 20 kuai. Or..hmm. 3 dollars? 2 pounds?
The glasses arrived in the morning just before school, so naturally I put them in my bag and forgot about them till the next day, when I tried them on in the girls' bathrooms with Erin. Her reaction?  "Wow."
This could be interpreted two ways, but she had the same reaction when I showed up for Mufti day last week in a calf length flared black skirt, black tank top, short sleeved cardigan with bows clipped onto it and oxford heels. And she didn't like that outfit. It provoked strong reactions, ranging from a muttered "What the fuck." every time I walked past this guy, to a girl I'd never spoken to before saying I looked nice. Thank god my school requires uniform or the apparent hilarity of my outfits would lose it's sparkle with daily viewing.

I was rooting around in my mum's closet (I borrow most of my clothes from various family members, then just leave them in my wardrobe till they notice they're gone) and found this old dress. The top half was fairly unremarkable but I really liked the bottom; it was all...shreddy. That's not a word. Floaty. Scrappy. You get the idea. I put that on, layered two other tops over it and added a blue scarf as a belt. I also put on green mascara, a bow hairslide and glasses because I never really accessorise (beyond bows and fascinators and the ever-present bracelet) and I felt like I should. And I just like wearing boots with skirts.

On the Hong Kong trip (remember that? Terrible authors.) we went to Ocean Park and had fake tattoos done. Two weeks, he said. It faded on the first day. False hope! But anyway, I got 42 because it's the answer to the ultimate question in the Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I love that series of books to death, and I even love the movie though it changes SO MUCH. At least it stayed true to the general spirit, you know? Unlike Never Let Me Go, ugh, all that promise was wasted; they replaced actual character development with moody close-ups of pretty things. Ruined.

Also my hair is losing it's redness but my mum won't let me dye it because it will 'damage my hair'. Which is completely true but I still felt the need to put it in quotation marks because my hair is like, a beacon of health. *cough*

I've suddenly discovered Say Anything and now I have an urge to write a love song with awesome lines like, "You're like Bjork with better fashion sense," because obviously that is ridiculous; Bjork has crazy, amazing, inspiring fashion sense. On a more serious note, "She took pity on me horizontally, but most likely because of my band." is hilarious. I listened to that song when I was younger and didn't realise what it meant until I sang along to it in front of my ever-helpful parents, who then told me and corrupted me forever.

Can ya see the three layers? Black with goldy stuff, green knit,
and the uppermost layer which isn't that hard to spot, really.
Uh. I'm taking Spanish GCSE. I should really know how to say goodbye in Spanish.

*mutters something resembling adieu*


Sunday, April 10, 2011

gimme a ticket for an aeroplane, I ain't got time to take a fast train

I cannot say ain't. Anything like that (yo, man, dude, ain't, wassup, epic) sounds utterly ridiculous coming out of my mouth. If you ever see me in a video, just mentally alter my voice so that it's deeper and less.. Well, one of my teacher's told me -right before a debate- that I raise the end of every sentence. So whatever that's called.
Anyway, I digress. 


Team 27 against The Robots. Inside joke.
Remember that thing that I was excited about a while ago? You probably don't but it doesn't matter; our only regular reader is Jana  (you're awesome!) so I doubt there are many who have read that far back. Or have read at all. Anyway, I was excited about this- the World Scholar's Cup. It's an academic competition that involves debating, essay-writing and an individual and team quiz. Needless to say, my team -which consisted of Erin and Yang- was hastily put together at the last minute after much hair-pulling and lacked any sort of revision strategy beyond, "You take Biotechnology, I WANT FILM. Oh, and bagsy Short Stories.". This meant that when the awards ceremony came round, we expected to win nothing and to miss out on the World Finals in Malaysia. AND YET LOOK:


Sorry, I know this is a fashion blog (there is a squiggly red line under blog. It doesn't think blog is a word.) and that my posting is erratic and usually fairly boring but I never win anything. The only medals I ever get are for participation. 




Thursday, April 7, 2011

in fifteen days my feet will dance

These shoes will be mine and it will be glorious. I'll stomp around all day staring at my feet. And taobao, being    a place where you can find almost anything, has so many more things to lust after. 

Like these: 

Seriously, Taobao has replaced all conventional shopping routes for me because it. Has. Everything. And I could never find shoes like these in H&M Beijing.


Monday, April 4, 2011

apologies and cross-stiched dolphins and suchlike

My proxy is being weird so as it is, I can't post any picture posts and it's soul-destroyingly slow. So you guys will have to rely on Naomi posting everything for a bit while I search (fruitlessly) for a new proxy. Tumblr is unblocked in China, though! Silver lining to every cloud. I hate that saying.
Anyway, gotta go to my piano lesson.