Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm pretty sure they photoshopped me in this photo because my legs are suspiciously slim

Bow from market stall, jacket from Susan James, t-shirt from Uniqlo, skirt from H&M, petticoat from AA, tights from giant, anonymous department store, shoes from Rocket Dog. Oh and bag was a gift from Naomi! H&M too.

And well, if they did then I'm kind of annoyed because, seriously, are my legs an affront to your sensibilities, This completely detracts from my excitement at having my photo taken by a streetstyle photographer!

Unless my exercise plan (which consists of a few half hearted push ups every once in a while, in an effort to have more arm strength than my little brother) is working and has resulted in a magical loss of weight, I think they photoshopped me. I mean, in the centre photo don't my legs look...tubular?
Anyway, I digress.
In China, people are, in general, much less shy about staring. And taking photos. And pointing. And laughing, while commenting loudly in Chinese how weird you look (YES I HEARD THAT, MAN IN SCARF.).
So, you can imagine my day. I mean, come on, it's a giant bow. If you don't get random people with giant cameras trying to discreetly take your photo (without permission, I might add) then something is very wrong. 
I felt especially conspicuous in the I.T. Market (Comme Des Garcons,YSL and McQueen etc., oh my god it was amazing) where every shop assistant was like my style dreams come true, as well as being very attentive. And, we spotted a girl from our school who we momentarily planned to stalk because she was buying clothes from CDG, and therefore is amazing.

this is my take-the-photo-already-the-sun-is-in-my-eyes face
Well, I couldn't go window shopping with friends all day and not eat. We went to a cupcake and coffee shop called Colibri, which according to Naomi had amazing cupcakes and giant bowls of soup. The soup was, in a word, delectable (God, I sound pretentious) but the cupcakes were a bit dry. I like my baked goods to have a fudge-y consistency.

franken-cupcake, DIY-ed by Naomi

Alex's Mocha cupcake
The food photos aren't exactly the arty, beautifully composed and vibrant pictures you expect to see on a blog- partly because my camera doesn't do that cool thing that all streetstyle photographers' cameras do (where they blur the background but leave the subject in focus) and partly because I was too busy eating creamy, scaldingly hot soup.
I have to go pack for the Hong Kong Literary Festival trip.
Only hand luggage allowed.
How will I fit my giant bow inside?!


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