Saturday, February 12, 2011

under cover of darkness

i know, i know...i can't pull of harem pants. i know, i know. i look deranged.

was sleepy. this is the morning (afternoon, probably) of my birthday!

shoesies :)

GIANT POCKETS! woo. and my dog in the background, staring at me creepily.
love and overpriced flowers are in the air! also, i think the strokes' new album release date has been moved to MARCH 5th!!! *hyperventilates* i get my information by stalking my beloved julian casablancas.
so this is my fabled new year/bday outfit, plus some pink socks i might have worn before here. it's still not clear to me why i put them on cuz they look pretty funny, but i figured i needed a 'pop' of color or hannah would butcher me.
I love the giant pockets! i found i could put pretty much anything in, mary poppins style, and still walk around fairly normally. The crop top is cool, too. ALL from Isetan, which is like the Malaysian...i don't know. some big department store. Marks and Spencer(s?)?

Anyway, gotta go inspect the huge box of chocolates that just hurled themselves into my path while reading up on economics past!
No, dear, that wasn't sarcasm.


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  1. I just adore oversized pockets, even though all my lip glosses, the occasional sock (i don't know why a sock would be in my pocket) or pen get lost in the Mary Poppin like depths.
    Best pockets ever.


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