Sunday, February 27, 2011

strawberries, honey and water

According to a friend, this outfit is cool. Maybe it's because I'm wearing jeans? I honestly have no idea. I love dressing for snow, because it's much warmer than Beijing's usual bitter, winter days. 

I'm wearing my infamous fringed clogs that everyone seems to hate, Cheap Monday jeans, a kind of giant wool poncho with roses on it (supposed to be Louis Vuitton but I highly doubt that), and Esprit parka, a red fleece hat and those glasses from Taiwan that my father thinks look ridiculous.

I was originally just wearing the giant poncho thing and jeans but I felt...underdressed. So I gathered together all of my red accessories and clothes and basically threw on a few that felt right, hence the hat, the glasses and the parka (which I wore a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....).
I watched Never Let Me Go a few days ago with the Gnomester and let me just say, it was incredibly, almost offensively underwhelming. Sure it was pretty but, and I'm talking to you Mark Romanek YES YOU, there is such a thing as character development. Tom had about six lines of dialogue in the entire film, and Kathy's main speaking part was her voice-over, how are we supposed to feel anything for wooden, two dimensional characters with no chemistry and no lines?  I mean, the book made me cry- though I admit that that's not saying much because I cry at the drop of a hat- and the movie made me laugh. Not a great outcome there. The book had such believable characters and the movie just chose to portray them all as stereotypes. That part particularly annoyed me. Also, they cut out the scene where she dances to the song. THAT WAS A PIVOTAL MOMENT, PEOPLE. PIVOTAL! 

Okay, that's the end of my rant/movie review.
More pictures should cleanse your mind of my incoherent rage.

I'm not sure why, but it amused me that snow got stuck in the arches of my clogs. 
So, the general consensus of this post is that Never Let Me Go is incredibly disappointing. It could have been great! I'm not great at talking about outfits, and what inspires me, and how I put it together. Honestly, my thought process when putting together outfits is basically "is that pretty? that's pretty. no, that's boring. wear that brightly coloured thing.". 



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