Friday, February 4, 2011

happy pigs rule the world

I need professional help. Lately I feel like my writing has been on a downward spiral (which will culminate in a post that consists of: PRETTY CLOTHES YAY). 

Seriously, I have no articulate thoughts about this/these ring/s. Whenever I see it my mind just blurts HAPPY PIG HAPPY PIG HAPPY PIG and I turn into my three year old self once again. Little three year old Hannah does make a good point though: happy pigs are awesome.

Oh, mini announcement- I'm getting The Shoes. I should probably explain that I mean the insane Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse style wooden platforms. *jumps up and down* I'm so excited! And I am WEARING those things to school. The (badly written and incredibly unclear) school rules took away my bows, they're not taking away my perfectly acceptable black shoes. With giant platforms. But that's just a tiny detail in the big scheme of things. I'll blend in perfectly with my classmates, once I learn how to walk in my beautiful new shoes..... *fantasises*.

Are there any Taobao obsessives that have managed to find creepers with extra thick soles? I've only managed to find fairly conservatively, um, soled ones.

I should go now.


P.S  Nowhere in the school rules does it say that no visible hairclips are allowed to be worn! Nowhere! And it also says nothing about only allowing boots to be worn with trousers! And direct me to the section where it says no hats. Ugh. Had to let that out somewhere. You're crushing my fragile, precious individuality, Mrs. XXXXXXXX! *cough*.

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