Monday, February 21, 2011

The Friday Sleepover- Post 1 of a vaguely related two post seriest

Put together my house, Naomi, a giant bow and  makeup from America/Malaysia and you get nighttime outfit pictures, some videos of us attempting to create faux-meaningful art films, and a series of photos where Naomi looks insanely pretty and I look slightly deranged.

My outfit details:
-Giant bow from a stall in Wangjing Hualien
-Dress borrowed from Naomi
-Cardigan from D&G 
-Gingham bow from market stall
-Red tights from a department store
-Fringed suede clogs from TK Maxx

After bluffing our way into the compound next to us by pretending we were visiting a friend and couldn't speak Chinese, we went straight to the playground. By now, it's practically a tradition that every time we have a sleepover at some point Naomi and I will go to the playground and fight over the only swing that can hold us. 

I love swings. Want to make something of it?

In a fit of boredom, we decided to copy model poses from magazines, and shoot them in front of my bedroom wall with the black and white setting on my camera. These are the least ridiculous ones.

Generic Guess ad pose

smizing like no other
her eyes bore into your soul, i swear
I had some..difficulty posing. However, I remain firmly convinced that being told to, "Hold your head like you're in pain, but don't actually look like you have a headache." is not the best advice for an uncoordinated person like me who is not aware of her body/face at all.
my artistic direction for this one was: stretch
Damn her and her perfect bone structure/facial features
There is a video of me playing piano but I didn't post it because I'm a control freak and I made mistakes while playing it.

Naomi, bidding you farewell.
So, farewell.


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