Sunday, February 27, 2011

strawberries, honey and water

According to a friend, this outfit is cool. Maybe it's because I'm wearing jeans? I honestly have no idea. I love dressing for snow, because it's much warmer than Beijing's usual bitter, winter days. 

I'm wearing my infamous fringed clogs that everyone seems to hate, Cheap Monday jeans, a kind of giant wool poncho with roses on it (supposed to be Louis Vuitton but I highly doubt that), and Esprit parka, a red fleece hat and those glasses from Taiwan that my father thinks look ridiculous.

I was originally just wearing the giant poncho thing and jeans but I felt...underdressed. So I gathered together all of my red accessories and clothes and basically threw on a few that felt right, hence the hat, the glasses and the parka (which I wore a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....).
I watched Never Let Me Go a few days ago with the Gnomester and let me just say, it was incredibly, almost offensively underwhelming. Sure it was pretty but, and I'm talking to you Mark Romanek YES YOU, there is such a thing as character development. Tom had about six lines of dialogue in the entire film, and Kathy's main speaking part was her voice-over, how are we supposed to feel anything for wooden, two dimensional characters with no chemistry and no lines?  I mean, the book made me cry- though I admit that that's not saying much because I cry at the drop of a hat- and the movie made me laugh. Not a great outcome there. The book had such believable characters and the movie just chose to portray them all as stereotypes. That part particularly annoyed me. Also, they cut out the scene where she dances to the song. THAT WAS A PIVOTAL MOMENT, PEOPLE. PIVOTAL! 

Okay, that's the end of my rant/movie review.
More pictures should cleanse your mind of my incoherent rage.

I'm not sure why, but it amused me that snow got stuck in the arches of my clogs. 
So, the general consensus of this post is that Never Let Me Go is incredibly disappointing. It could have been great! I'm not great at talking about outfits, and what inspires me, and how I put it together. Honestly, my thought process when putting together outfits is basically "is that pretty? that's pretty. no, that's boring. wear that brightly coloured thing.". 



Monday, February 21, 2011

The Friday Sleepover- Post 1 of a vaguely related two post seriest

Put together my house, Naomi, a giant bow and  makeup from America/Malaysia and you get nighttime outfit pictures, some videos of us attempting to create faux-meaningful art films, and a series of photos where Naomi looks insanely pretty and I look slightly deranged.

My outfit details:
-Giant bow from a stall in Wangjing Hualien
-Dress borrowed from Naomi
-Cardigan from D&G 
-Gingham bow from market stall
-Red tights from a department store
-Fringed suede clogs from TK Maxx

After bluffing our way into the compound next to us by pretending we were visiting a friend and couldn't speak Chinese, we went straight to the playground. By now, it's practically a tradition that every time we have a sleepover at some point Naomi and I will go to the playground and fight over the only swing that can hold us. 

I love swings. Want to make something of it?

In a fit of boredom, we decided to copy model poses from magazines, and shoot them in front of my bedroom wall with the black and white setting on my camera. These are the least ridiculous ones.

Generic Guess ad pose

smizing like no other
her eyes bore into your soul, i swear
I had some..difficulty posing. However, I remain firmly convinced that being told to, "Hold your head like you're in pain, but don't actually look like you have a headache." is not the best advice for an uncoordinated person like me who is not aware of her body/face at all.
my artistic direction for this one was: stretch
Damn her and her perfect bone structure/facial features
There is a video of me playing piano but I didn't post it because I'm a control freak and I made mistakes while playing it.

Naomi, bidding you farewell.
So, farewell.


Monday, February 14, 2011

(s)he's like a rainbow

by Alena Lavdovskaya, found on Trendland
I would just like to take a moment to express my deep love for Lanvin, and my sorrow at the prices of H&M in China.
This post was really just an excuse to brighten the internet up a little with an illustration of Alber Elbaz on top of the world, holding a daisy. Which is how it should be really. The world would be a much better place with him standing on top of it. Bowties would rain down on us all... *goes into daydream*


P.S I just saw the new Suno collection. My mind is blown. It's like they went into my dreams, Inception-style and designed clothes based on my fevered imagination- yes, my sense of self importance knows no bounds. I will review it, awkwardly (when am I not?) in due course. But seriously, it's gorgeous. Amazing. I have to go find a few new adjectives to describe it.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

under cover of darkness

i know, i know...i can't pull of harem pants. i know, i know. i look deranged.

was sleepy. this is the morning (afternoon, probably) of my birthday!

shoesies :)

GIANT POCKETS! woo. and my dog in the background, staring at me creepily.
love and overpriced flowers are in the air! also, i think the strokes' new album release date has been moved to MARCH 5th!!! *hyperventilates* i get my information by stalking my beloved julian casablancas.
so this is my fabled new year/bday outfit, plus some pink socks i might have worn before here. it's still not clear to me why i put them on cuz they look pretty funny, but i figured i needed a 'pop' of color or hannah would butcher me.
I love the giant pockets! i found i could put pretty much anything in, mary poppins style, and still walk around fairly normally. The crop top is cool, too. ALL from Isetan, which is like the Malaysian...i don't know. some big department store. Marks and Spencer(s?)?

Anyway, gotta go inspect the huge box of chocolates that just hurled themselves into my path while reading up on economics past!
No, dear, that wasn't sarcasm.


oh no don't close your eyes

Ani DiFranco's lyrics are so good. Every single one is incredibly quotable, my school planner and the blank pages of tests that I finish early are always covered in doodles of her song lyrics. My Ani phase has passed though, now The Smiths are on repeat. Especially Strangeways, Here We Come. *sigh* I love The Smiths (no last name bias, I swear).

After a few disastrous attempts at DIY-ing my very own bowtie, I resorted to using a bow clip. I think it worked pretty well, but you'll still find me searching feverishly for the perfect bowtie on Taobao. I remember seeing ceramic bowties on Susie Bubble's blog (she is awesome, by the way, if I could only visit one blog for the rest of my life it would definitely be hers.) and swooning ever so slightly. Oh, who am I kidding, I collapsed on the settee cursing the heavens that they couldn't be mine. I can't lie to my faithful readers, wherever they may be.

Also, it snowed! Well, it's manmade (as is all the snow I've ever seen in Beijing) but it still counts. I think.
Do you notice my new glasses? They're...different. My peripheral vision is basically useless because they've blurred out the sides to stop me using it. I'm not sure how, but it's supposed to be better for my eyesight..? *doubtful face*

Oh, clothes details.
-Grandmother's skirt
-H&M lace shirt
-United Colours (Colors? Is it American? I should learn these things.) of Benetton top
-Artbox bow
-Claire's Accessories bow
-Dad's socks
-Clarks boots

I always forget to look happy.
Look, my new glasses! 
I tend to get dressed while listening to music, and I've come to the conclusion that my music choices affect my outfits. Today I was listening to Girlfriend in a Coma (I listen to the same song over and over again till I'm sick of it, then move on to the next song in an album), so take from that what you will.

Pretty colours..

I think my facial expressions and lackluster writing are driving people away.

Should I talk more about my outfit? It basically came down to the colour green, I thought the bows and the skirt looked nice together because of their similar colouring (Greenish blue? Turquoise? Aqua? I  should learn these things) and the lace shirt was there because I love fastening the top button, because the whole idea of top buttons done up is so very prim and proper, but the shirt is made out of this fairly revealing lace material. Contrasts, yknow? 

On another note, I've been missing so many cool events in Beijing (not that I was invited/could've gone), I was looking at Stylites, a Beijing-based street style blog, and there was a Prada event, a Fendi event, and I completely forgot about this pop up store in the Village! Called Nouveau Rich (Riche? Ah. I'm so unprofessional), I read about it in City Weekend and I really did mean to have a look. 
I mean, I couldn't have bought anything  because I've already spent most of my Chinese New Year money on chocolate cake, taxi fare and more taxi fares, but it looked really interesting.
Although, I probably wouldn't have set foot inside the shop anyway because I have this irrational (well, I think it's perfectly rational but it seems I'm alone in thinking that) fear of shop assistants that TALK to you. Nevermind that that's their job, I just hate being talked to or watched/followed through the shop...that's understandable right? I'm a shy person! (like, nod silently at everything, blush at the slightest provocation shy).


It's way past my bedtime.


Friday, February 4, 2011

happy pigs rule the world

I need professional help. Lately I feel like my writing has been on a downward spiral (which will culminate in a post that consists of: PRETTY CLOTHES YAY). 

Seriously, I have no articulate thoughts about this/these ring/s. Whenever I see it my mind just blurts HAPPY PIG HAPPY PIG HAPPY PIG and I turn into my three year old self once again. Little three year old Hannah does make a good point though: happy pigs are awesome.

Oh, mini announcement- I'm getting The Shoes. I should probably explain that I mean the insane Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse style wooden platforms. *jumps up and down* I'm so excited! And I am WEARING those things to school. The (badly written and incredibly unclear) school rules took away my bows, they're not taking away my perfectly acceptable black shoes. With giant platforms. But that's just a tiny detail in the big scheme of things. I'll blend in perfectly with my classmates, once I learn how to walk in my beautiful new shoes..... *fantasises*.

Are there any Taobao obsessives that have managed to find creepers with extra thick soles? I've only managed to find fairly conservatively, um, soled ones.

I should go now.


P.S  Nowhere in the school rules does it say that no visible hairclips are allowed to be worn! Nowhere! And it also says nothing about only allowing boots to be worn with trousers! And direct me to the section where it says no hats. Ugh. Had to let that out somewhere. You're crushing my fragile, precious individuality, Mrs. XXXXXXXX! *cough*.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


just want to say, i am officially thirteen years eleven months and two days old! wait that doesnt make sense. i am officially roughly estimatedly 51100 days thats wrong too. ok i am officially a day away from FOURTEEN and being a Young Person officially. oh yeah. and i will be cool like this guy.