Friday, January 14, 2011

t-t-t-t-ta-ao bao (when I do that, it's either Bennie and the Jets or Changes. Elton and Bowie!)

Well, it's almost 1am and I'm wide awake, no doubt hyper on the unmentionable amount of cheese puffs and nerds (the Willy Wonka sweets, not..people) I've been eating. I always loved Willy Wonka sweets, because it's like...Roald Dahl! Yknow? Oh, I should be banned from writing posts this late at night. I've said that before, haven't I?
Just wanted to show you guys the wonders of Taobao!

I wondered whether they would be allowed as school shoes but...sadly, I don't think so.
*swoons* Here's the source (THEY'RE MINE *menacing glare*)

my precious...
Creepers! Sure, I wish the sole could be thicker but..CREEPERS. I've wanted these ever since I saw them on Kingdom of Style-go to there, if you haven't already because it's one of my favourite blogs and both bloggers are pretty awesome in every concievable way. *cough* just ignore me. SOURCE (leopard print version)

What can I say, my passion for Hello Kitty has never gone away. Plus, she's wearing a HAT. A HAT, guys.

Oooh, it's getting late. I need to wake up early tomorrow.

See ya,

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