Monday, January 24, 2011

roll over beethoven.

...and i am writing this in a crazy hot (see how the temperature is meddling with my writing ability, great use of adjectives, non?) room with a creepily buzzing light and a shaky fan above. god i love the tropics. just imagining all my friends back in beijing, shivering in their badly-heated homes...ah. what a nice person i am. 
i was thinking of you all today, lounging poolside when the rest of you guys were in the lunch line! 
anyway. the internet is dangerously slow so i should probably stop dawdling. 
in absence of anything fashion-related at my disposal, i will just post this in my happiness of being able to post sans proxies. i promise an outfit post as soon as i drag my butt to the shopping mall and spend all my christmas/chinese new year/birthday money on impractical things. which i know every one of the people reading this right now eagerly awaits...
have you guys watched black swan? for a wimp like me, it was pretty creepy/disturbing. but still cool. and that, friends, is the extent of my sophisticated movie reviewing skills. 
apart from the obvious cool creepiness (i should really stop saying creepy shouldn't i) and winona ryder's skillful (and 'skills') comeback as the, um, insane creepy old ballerina replaced by natalie portman's little child self abusing bulimic creepy character and THIS SENTENCE IS TOO LONG and his - darren aronofsky's that is - cool use of tchaikovsky in the performances and in the , um, other scenes, OMIGOSH IM FAILING, ummm, and the alternate things and yeah just watch the movie this really is gibberish isn't it. 
THE POINT i've been trying to get to for the past paragraph or so is that the really pretty awesome...beautiful...extraordinary? costumes were designed by rodarte. there. i spat it out. 
now, if you ever get around to watching the movie, if you still are able to after that horrendous THING i just wrote up there, then you will see the awesome creepiness skills and yeah. i give up. the heat is getting to me. just take a look at the pictures. they speak better than i.
PS mina kunis was pretty skillfully creepy in it too...just my 2 cents there. go watch it and decide.


  1. I am dying to see this movie yet have found no time to do my better half is so not into

    The costumes look amazing but then everything the Rodarte sisters touch is drool worthy. I'm still dying to have something from their Fall 2008 collection


    NaughtyBaubles on Etsy

  2. i liked ur blog.its so girlish,cute

    ♥♥♥ +1


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