Wednesday, January 12, 2011

oh trixie

I watched the Fairly Odd Parents this morning. I am convinced the show's writers are mocking the show itself.
Anyway, as I'm sure you've all been glued to your computer, just waiting for this post (you're familiar with my sarcasm by now), here are my accessories from my last outfit. Amusingly captioned for your benefit.

I love this. It is a fake watch with lipgloss inside. Except now I want a real pocket watch to hang from my neck, and occasionally glance at.

I write things on my body. Especially during exams. OH and the bracelet! Yes. It's Japanese, and that's all I know about it. It came with a ring but I lost it *punches self in head*

Gift from a loving friend. *cough* no sarcasm there.

CLOSE UP. Flowers. White. Okay, my brain has been reduced to a  formless lump of jelly by the exams today.

Ah, if only my feet fit my dad's socks properly. I had to stuff the heels into the backs of my shoes. Hehe.

My brother said it looked like a wedding dress had attacked me, and died on my upper torso. I took that as a compliment.
And that concludes this...riveting post.



P.S I have a full blown obsession with..big things. Such as skirts and bows. Help.

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