Friday, January 21, 2011

oh men don't notice what they got, oh women think of that a lot

Hi! I know that I haven't been posting for a while, ever since ... ages ago. This is only my second post WHOLE YEAR. whoo.

I don't actually have any new recent outfit pictures so here are a couple teasers showing, uh, things to come. I would put more pictures in, I really would, but this is an email post because my vpn hates me for some inexplicable reason. Also just a small warning here, I might not post as much as, like, 2010. Pretty busy these days...would anyone like to hear some of the things I've been busy with? WARNING: extreme nerdiness coming up
-preparing for Hong Kong Literary Festival
-preparing for the Scholar's Cup (go on. shudder at the grossness of the name. you know you want to.)
-campaigning to be the Voice representative of my class...student council
-preparing for the Science Challenge (in which we have to somehow get an egg up 5m into the air and bring it back down undamaged. woo)
-working hard in mandarin class so I can do my GCSE this year

Now you know I am a geek. That is a pretty extraordinary list, you gotta admit. not to mention these are only a few of the exciting things i get up to...

plus I can tell from even these few sentences that my prose is not what it used to be. Not that that's saying much. The pictures are
1. Random stuff in my room. The pink mini electric whisker (Don't know what they call them. Im going with whisker. Not the cat type, btw) thing with a clock (broken) on it from a cancer research thrift store , upper east side/yorkville. = manhattan. rainbow hexagon slinkie from my cousin. mini red bow with netting from Hannah and H&M. random jewelry bearing donkey, snowglobes, babushka, picture frames, and nail polishes in the background. Blinged out nail file. Dead coral from a close ...friend at the beach over xmas.
2. Me in 3D glasses and neon yellow zip earrings at the Green Hornet premiere. Worst movie ever, and also I wore my ski jacket (pictured, ha-ha.) the whole time because THAT IS HOW COLD IT WAS.

Gotta go now. Love to stay , but bikram yoga calls me! plus my house is choking me with burnt plastic-smelling fumes from my brother's attempt to make his own lunch.


PS hopefully you will all be treated to more of my blogging and professional pictures, cuz im going to malaysia tomorrow (visa related things) and that = NO NEED FOR PROXIES, SUNNY HOT WEATHER, and SHOPPING. how i love my hometown.

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