Friday, January 7, 2011

this is how I revise

my hands flip up like that naturally, i swear it's not a pose
Surprisingly, I don't fail all of my exams.
-vintage dress from Corner 93
-bow from Mongkok
-my dad's green socks
-Rocket Dog (anyone else think that's an awesome name?) lace up shoes
-AA petticoat
-Anna Sui necklace/lip gloss (gift)
-two bracelets, gifts

Conversation between mother and me~
Mother: Hannah, why are you wearing that dress?
Me: Why not?
Mother: You're just going to sit around the house all day and be lazy, like you always do.
Me: *silence*

A sudden gust of wind took me by surprise and I almost fell backwards onto the scooter because I have no balance whatsoever.

I'm posting this photo purely because I look so ridiculous. And I had no idea my legs could bend like that. I find it creepy/mesmerising. 
I'll do another post with close up shots and the like because I feel like everyone (by which I mean the one loyal reader our blog has) is sick of my face.
Also my back hurts.


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  1. cute...the last photo is great!


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