Sunday, January 23, 2011

everybody put your hands up, everybody throw your hands up

Ah, the mastery that is this song. Just to warn you, it's not some edgy, super-cool brooding masterpiece of a song. It is a one off song by a Korean actor called HaHa. No, seriously.
So, uh, updates on life and whatnot.
I too have no outfit posts because first of all, in my defense it is extremely cold and my outfits are unique in that they're too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Secondly, I'm lazy. And my camera is out of battery.
As this is a filler post, and I'm using too many commas, I should move on to the pictures already.
notice the artistic dribbling of the chocolate.

this is chocolate. do I need to explain why I photographed this?

colours!green mini eggs! blue mini eggs! *mind explodes*

Remember when this used to be like, a real live fashion blog?
I feel as if I'm pretty much ruining it. I'll go do a collection review to minimise the damage as much as I can.


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