Friday, January 14, 2011

*eats cheese puffs while lying on bed*

I realise this is a fashion blog, but you guys must have realised that I'm also pretty much a nerd.
So, with great excitement, I announce to you that Naomi and I and a third person (let's call her E. because I'm subtle like that) are a team for the Scholar's Cup (academic competition)!
Apparently we were the first people in the school to sign up for it. When Daniel Berdichevsky (or..someone with the first name Daniel who is somehow associated with the Scholar's Cup) spoke at our school assembly, E. and I held hands and squealed. Oh yes. Squealed.

This may be slightly more interesting to any poor soul reading this, but I doubt it: In March Naomi and I are going to Hong Kong for a literary festival/spending spree. There will be pictures. I'm trying to stop using exclamation marks because I sound like an over-excited teenager- which I guess I am, but *nonchalantly* whatever.


P.S I'm not sure this post warrants the tag 'momentous events' but I'm putting it there anyway because I'm ridiculously excited about the Scholar's Cup and the Hong Kong literary festival.
And there goes any chance of me ever being thought of as cool by this blog's readers.

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