Monday, January 31, 2011

toothpaste kisses

Bad-quality webcam picture because my camera is out of battery and I'm way too lazy and comfortable in my bed  to go find the charger.
My fellow blogger bought me this bow for my birthday! I love it. It's brightly coloured, and a little bit puffy and...well, it's a bow. What's not to like?
Ignore my (slightly terrifying) face and the tie and shirt - school uniform- and focus on the bow, guys. It's better that way, trust me.

Well, I should go.

There is Burger King that needs to be eaten.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'll give you anything, but I'll give you problems

Nine West high heeled clogs! They were on sale. They are my CNY shoes. They are mad skills.

Note the awesome stud things and awesome fat heels and the other stuff too.

Also note the awesome foot thing. Yes, you know what I mean.

Chinese New Year is a-comin’ up, and it happens to fall exactly on my birthday this year, which only happens every fifteen years or so. No biggie.
Anyway, apart from all the money-giving and face-stuffing (with food that is) and partying and building-exploding (firecrackers. ‘nuff said.), you are meant to get a new outfit and a new pair of shoes for CNY. So these are my shoes! Full outfit pics will come next week or so ‘cause you can’t wear your new stuff until the actual first day of CNY. My new outfit consists of a white crop top and those harem pants things, which I have condemned in the past, but these are truly awesome, what with the thin stripes and the humungous pocketses (Smeagol moment there. Or Gollum, depending on how you look at it. If you choose to look at it, that is.) and yeah I know I know only models can pull them off, but I like them!
ANYWAY. The shoes are from Nine West, which I might have mentioned somewhere above already, and were 50% off, luckily.  The book was this cool, um, book in a, um, bookstore. Yes. I didn’t get this one on account of it was absurdly expensive but I got another i-D lovely little fat book, and also a Polaroid book, and a Warhol book, and an astrophysics and metaphysics book but I didn’t think anyone would be as interested as in the art-related onesies.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!!! (happy new year, roughly translated)


The i-D book I didn't buy. PLUS as a sidenote, damn, didn't realize how giant the font was.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

big news and other things

Let's start with the major (at least to my tiny world) news.

Oh yeah. Legal age.
*crickets chirp*
Right..okay, I guess that joke isn't really a crowd pleaser. Anyway, I'm only joking! I'm an upstanding member of society! I swear!

And well, I don't really have anything else.
Or, I DID have other things to tell you but they got lost in the murky waters of my mind while I was having heart-to-hearts with my friends in between writing the blog.



Monday, January 24, 2011

roll over beethoven.

...and i am writing this in a crazy hot (see how the temperature is meddling with my writing ability, great use of adjectives, non?) room with a creepily buzzing light and a shaky fan above. god i love the tropics. just imagining all my friends back in beijing, shivering in their badly-heated homes...ah. what a nice person i am. 
i was thinking of you all today, lounging poolside when the rest of you guys were in the lunch line! 
anyway. the internet is dangerously slow so i should probably stop dawdling. 
in absence of anything fashion-related at my disposal, i will just post this in my happiness of being able to post sans proxies. i promise an outfit post as soon as i drag my butt to the shopping mall and spend all my christmas/chinese new year/birthday money on impractical things. which i know every one of the people reading this right now eagerly awaits...
have you guys watched black swan? for a wimp like me, it was pretty creepy/disturbing. but still cool. and that, friends, is the extent of my sophisticated movie reviewing skills. 
apart from the obvious cool creepiness (i should really stop saying creepy shouldn't i) and winona ryder's skillful (and 'skills') comeback as the, um, insane creepy old ballerina replaced by natalie portman's little child self abusing bulimic creepy character and THIS SENTENCE IS TOO LONG and his - darren aronofsky's that is - cool use of tchaikovsky in the performances and in the , um, other scenes, OMIGOSH IM FAILING, ummm, and the alternate things and yeah just watch the movie this really is gibberish isn't it. 
THE POINT i've been trying to get to for the past paragraph or so is that the really pretty awesome...beautiful...extraordinary? costumes were designed by rodarte. there. i spat it out. 
now, if you ever get around to watching the movie, if you still are able to after that horrendous THING i just wrote up there, then you will see the awesome creepiness skills and yeah. i give up. the heat is getting to me. just take a look at the pictures. they speak better than i.
PS mina kunis was pretty skillfully creepy in it too...just my 2 cents there. go watch it and decide.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

everybody put your hands up, everybody throw your hands up

Ah, the mastery that is this song. Just to warn you, it's not some edgy, super-cool brooding masterpiece of a song. It is a one off song by a Korean actor called HaHa. No, seriously.
So, uh, updates on life and whatnot.
I too have no outfit posts because first of all, in my defense it is extremely cold and my outfits are unique in that they're too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Secondly, I'm lazy. And my camera is out of battery.
As this is a filler post, and I'm using too many commas, I should move on to the pictures already.
notice the artistic dribbling of the chocolate.

this is chocolate. do I need to explain why I photographed this?

colours!green mini eggs! blue mini eggs! *mind explodes*

Remember when this used to be like, a real live fashion blog?
I feel as if I'm pretty much ruining it. I'll go do a collection review to minimise the damage as much as I can.


Friday, January 21, 2011

oh men don't notice what they got, oh women think of that a lot

Hi! I know that I haven't been posting for a while, ever since ... ages ago. This is only my second post WHOLE YEAR. whoo.

I don't actually have any new recent outfit pictures so here are a couple teasers showing, uh, things to come. I would put more pictures in, I really would, but this is an email post because my vpn hates me for some inexplicable reason. Also just a small warning here, I might not post as much as, like, 2010. Pretty busy these days...would anyone like to hear some of the things I've been busy with? WARNING: extreme nerdiness coming up
-preparing for Hong Kong Literary Festival
-preparing for the Scholar's Cup (go on. shudder at the grossness of the name. you know you want to.)
-campaigning to be the Voice representative of my class...student council
-preparing for the Science Challenge (in which we have to somehow get an egg up 5m into the air and bring it back down undamaged. woo)
-working hard in mandarin class so I can do my GCSE this year

Now you know I am a geek. That is a pretty extraordinary list, you gotta admit. not to mention these are only a few of the exciting things i get up to...

plus I can tell from even these few sentences that my prose is not what it used to be. Not that that's saying much. The pictures are
1. Random stuff in my room. The pink mini electric whisker (Don't know what they call them. Im going with whisker. Not the cat type, btw) thing with a clock (broken) on it from a cancer research thrift store , upper east side/yorkville. = manhattan. rainbow hexagon slinkie from my cousin. mini red bow with netting from Hannah and H&M. random jewelry bearing donkey, snowglobes, babushka, picture frames, and nail polishes in the background. Blinged out nail file. Dead coral from a close ...friend at the beach over xmas.
2. Me in 3D glasses and neon yellow zip earrings at the Green Hornet premiere. Worst movie ever, and also I wore my ski jacket (pictured, ha-ha.) the whole time because THAT IS HOW COLD IT WAS.

Gotta go now. Love to stay , but bikram yoga calls me! plus my house is choking me with burnt plastic-smelling fumes from my brother's attempt to make his own lunch.


PS hopefully you will all be treated to more of my blogging and professional pictures, cuz im going to malaysia tomorrow (visa related things) and that = NO NEED FOR PROXIES, SUNNY HOT WEATHER, and SHOPPING. how i love my hometown.

Friday, January 14, 2011

t-t-t-t-ta-ao bao (when I do that, it's either Bennie and the Jets or Changes. Elton and Bowie!)

Well, it's almost 1am and I'm wide awake, no doubt hyper on the unmentionable amount of cheese puffs and nerds (the Willy Wonka sweets, not..people) I've been eating. I always loved Willy Wonka sweets, because it's like...Roald Dahl! Yknow? Oh, I should be banned from writing posts this late at night. I've said that before, haven't I?
Just wanted to show you guys the wonders of Taobao!

I wondered whether they would be allowed as school shoes but...sadly, I don't think so.
*swoons* Here's the source (THEY'RE MINE *menacing glare*)

my precious...
Creepers! Sure, I wish the sole could be thicker but..CREEPERS. I've wanted these ever since I saw them on Kingdom of Style-go to there, if you haven't already because it's one of my favourite blogs and both bloggers are pretty awesome in every concievable way. *cough* just ignore me. SOURCE (leopard print version)

What can I say, my passion for Hello Kitty has never gone away. Plus, she's wearing a HAT. A HAT, guys.

Oooh, it's getting late. I need to wake up early tomorrow.

See ya,

*eats cheese puffs while lying on bed*

I realise this is a fashion blog, but you guys must have realised that I'm also pretty much a nerd.
So, with great excitement, I announce to you that Naomi and I and a third person (let's call her E. because I'm subtle like that) are a team for the Scholar's Cup (academic competition)!
Apparently we were the first people in the school to sign up for it. When Daniel Berdichevsky (or..someone with the first name Daniel who is somehow associated with the Scholar's Cup) spoke at our school assembly, E. and I held hands and squealed. Oh yes. Squealed.

This may be slightly more interesting to any poor soul reading this, but I doubt it: In March Naomi and I are going to Hong Kong for a literary festival/spending spree. There will be pictures. I'm trying to stop using exclamation marks because I sound like an over-excited teenager- which I guess I am, but *nonchalantly* whatever.


P.S I'm not sure this post warrants the tag 'momentous events' but I'm putting it there anyway because I'm ridiculously excited about the Scholar's Cup and the Hong Kong literary festival.
And there goes any chance of me ever being thought of as cool by this blog's readers.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

oh trixie

I watched the Fairly Odd Parents this morning. I am convinced the show's writers are mocking the show itself.
Anyway, as I'm sure you've all been glued to your computer, just waiting for this post (you're familiar with my sarcasm by now), here are my accessories from my last outfit. Amusingly captioned for your benefit.

I love this. It is a fake watch with lipgloss inside. Except now I want a real pocket watch to hang from my neck, and occasionally glance at.

I write things on my body. Especially during exams. OH and the bracelet! Yes. It's Japanese, and that's all I know about it. It came with a ring but I lost it *punches self in head*

Gift from a loving friend. *cough* no sarcasm there.

CLOSE UP. Flowers. White. Okay, my brain has been reduced to a  formless lump of jelly by the exams today.

Ah, if only my feet fit my dad's socks properly. I had to stuff the heels into the backs of my shoes. Hehe.

My brother said it looked like a wedding dress had attacked me, and died on my upper torso. I took that as a compliment.
And that concludes this...riveting post.



P.S I have a full blown obsession with..big things. Such as skirts and bows. Help.

Friday, January 7, 2011

this is how I revise

my hands flip up like that naturally, i swear it's not a pose
Surprisingly, I don't fail all of my exams.
-vintage dress from Corner 93
-bow from Mongkok
-my dad's green socks
-Rocket Dog (anyone else think that's an awesome name?) lace up shoes
-AA petticoat
-Anna Sui necklace/lip gloss (gift)
-two bracelets, gifts

Conversation between mother and me~
Mother: Hannah, why are you wearing that dress?
Me: Why not?
Mother: You're just going to sit around the house all day and be lazy, like you always do.
Me: *silence*

A sudden gust of wind took me by surprise and I almost fell backwards onto the scooter because I have no balance whatsoever.

I'm posting this photo purely because I look so ridiculous. And I had no idea my legs could bend like that. I find it creepy/mesmerising. 
I'll do another post with close up shots and the like because I feel like everyone (by which I mean the one loyal reader our blog has) is sick of my face.
Also my back hurts.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

hey guys...i never left...

just a little picture so this post wasn't too boring. my personal motto, that is.
so i'm back! me being naomi. i don't think anyone noticed me missing, but it's all good. and although i was only AWOL for a little bit, with a combination of skill and classically bad timing, i managed to miss celebrating via the blog Christmas - so happy Christmas to all who celebrate - New years - good luck in '11 guys! - and, on a lesser note, the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the blog. awesome !!! we lasted a whole year. well, sort of.

goodbye for now,

*goes off and indiscreetly deletes certain posts*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Although I'm sure it's probably terrifying to have a giant picture of my upper face area accosting you, BEHOLD. I have a fringe, guys!
*rages over apparently unwritten school rule about bows and conformity*


EDIT: Better picture! Albeit with a wonky fringe.