Thursday, December 9, 2010

you never give me your money, you only give me your funny paper

This is my first post for Fashion Click *high pitched squeal*
-greyish cardigan from my grandmother
-grey wool skirt from my mother
-flower print tights from River Island
-brown leather oxford shoes from my aunt
-red fake glasses from Taiwan
-floral bow from Primark
That's possibly the least cool outfit I could've put together, as half
of the clothes were given to me by members of my family, but you know
what? I'm not very cool anyway. But you knew that already.
Anyway, this outfit started with the skirt. It was long, wooly, grey
and reminiscent of something a...more mature teacher at my school
would wear. In other words, I loved it. This entire outfit is really
quite unflattering but I really don't care.
Oh, and as I write this I'm sitting in Beijing Airport (that's
probably not the official name but..oh wait, it is.) waiting for my
flight so sorry if I sound rushed/harried/exhausted. *shriek of
frustration* This writing isn't good enough for Teen Vogue, is it? I
sound so unprofessional and well, I sound On a bad day.
Have to put that in so that it goes onto Fashion Click.
I may re-write this.

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  1. I really like th chic hipster/granny look you've got going. That coat is love.


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